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5 Aug 2014

The Birthday Post: What I wore and what I did

Last month it was my birthday, but I've been so busy I hadn't gotten round to blogging it yet! Here's the catch up

Sam and I took the day off work and had fun doing not much! We went to 7Bone in Southampton first for burgers

Wearing one of my pressies from Sam - Benefit Cha Cha Tint- I'll review this soon!

I had a delicious cheeseburger called Hucknell's Winkie

and Sam had the ridiculous "Taking LeTiss" burger - that's right, it's two burgers, bacon, maple syrup and cheese WITHIN A FROSTED DONUT!

We were planning to go to an icecream and cocktails bar afterwards but we were so full and feeling a little sorry for ourselves so we came home and had a birthday nap! Sam then woke me up with birthday G&Ts in these beautiful Great Gatsby glasses which I have been wishing for - what a lovely surprise!

He also got me this beautiful ASOS kimono dress and we were ready to hit town again!

We went to Jamie's Italian in Portsmouth and sat on deckchairs drinking cocktails!

And a couple of days ago, Rhodesian of Edinburgh sent me a beautiful satchel for my birthday (thank you!)

which has been perfect for walking little Teddy. I'll post more about it soon. But for now, enter my CHARITY RAFFLE to win one of your own in blue!


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