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25 Jun 2014

Wednesday (payday) Wants!

It's payday! Time to get our Wednesday wants on!

ChaCha Tint by Benefit - a gorgeous coral stain! £24.50

Look at the lacy legs on this playsuit! Pull & Bear Playsuit - £17.99

I would also love an exfoliating toner on the recommendation of my friend Danni. The number one appears to be Alpha H liquid gold for £31.50, but I would also love to try the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner for £25 or Pixi Glow Tonic for £16


21 Jun 2014

Review: BRYT skincare

It's taken me until the age of 25 to realise I need to be better at skincare. Since then I have been devouring Caroline Hirons' blog and trying to work out what I need to do. Then I was contacted by the PR agency behind BRYT skincare. BRYT stands for Bright Young Things and is aimed at teenagers and young adults to help them care for their skincare needs. Perfect for me! 

The range contains botanical, anti-oxidant, natural ingredients and encourages young people to start looking after their skin for a gorgeous future. As someone who suffered very badly from acne as a teenager for which I was on Roaccutaine, and as an adult who gets the occasional hormonal spot, this range really interested me. 

I was sent BRYT Night and the  BRYT Boost Serum 

BRYT night is a nourishing night cream and is good for all skin types. It contains anti-oxidants, and marula oil which claims to heal skin. It also has vitamin E for healing and reducing acne and reduces irritation. As someone with very sensitive skin, this sounds like the cream for me! 

This cream has a very gentle herbal smell. It has a pump lid which allows a small amount out meaning I need about 4 pumps to cover my face. After cleansing and using a facial oil, you pat this onto your face and neck with the tips of your fingers. The cream soaks in well and doesn't leave skin looking oily or gross and has a nice consistency which is quickly absorbed. I find in the morning I don't wake up looking like an oil slick so it clearly all gets sucked in by my greedy skin and I wake up with calm, pale skin without redness. 

Having never used a night cream before, I was a little skeptical, but I have found that the next day my makeup applies better and my skin is in smoother, less red condition. 

BRYT Boost serum is formulated for tired and dehydrated skin. BRYT say it gives the skin a long needed "drink" and awakens dull looking complexions. IT contains Baobab oil for intensive moisturing and vitamins A, D and E as well as hyaluronic acid to help skin retain moisture. 

I was initially quite scared of a facial serum - as someone who formally suffered badly from acne I was scared I would burst out into spots so I waited almost a month to post this... it was great! Even after reading Caroline Hirons' blog which promised me that greasy skin needs serum (and I still didn't believe her, sorry!), this has changed my opinion. After cleansing in the evening, you apply this all over with the tips of your fingers and let it soak in before using night cream. You can also apply it on makeup free days for an extra boost. I use only one pump to cover my whole face and my skin slurps it up straight away without looking gross and greasy (although 2 pumps worth is pretty shiny). 

Overall, I love these products - everything about them from the cute messages on the packaging 

to how the products make my skin look and feel. I am desperate to try the other items in the range, particularly the calm serum  for oily skin, and the mattifying day cream with SPF 15. The night cream costs £17.50 for 50ml and the serum costs £20 for 30ml and I would recommend trying them out. You can use the consultation page on their website to build up the routine which works for you and all the products are available online (and made locally to where I work!)

BRYT skincare - thoroughly tested and thoroughly impressed. Available from www.brytskincare.co.uk

19 Jun 2014

Review: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon

In my little survival kit from my best friend Becky, I also got this Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon. This is a gorgeous coral pink lipstick

The lipstick applies semi-sheer and can be built up to a quite bright effect as shown below. I've read on some other blogs that this shade is one of the most pigmented in the range so I'm not sure of the constancy of other lip butters. 

I didn't know how to pose - sorry.

Overall this is a gorgeous little product - it feels like a balm and moisturises, but has a good pigmentation for a tint and tastes faintly yummy. I've been using this on work days for a work-appropriate colour. It only lasts a couple of hours with the volume of tea I drink on placement but has the same staying power as a balm. 

Overall - worth a try! They're around £7.99 from Superdrug currently. 


17 Jun 2014

Review: Revlon Parfumerie in Ginger Melon

Last week my best friend Becky sent me a little survival kit as things were getting quite pressured for me. In it, she gave me a gorgeous nail varnish. This is Revlon Parfumerie nail varnish in Ginger Melon - a scented nail polish! 

First up, let's talk about the bottle. It is gorgeous! I really adore the retro look of the bottle, it feels very expensive and I've loved looking at it on my dressing table. I'm sure that is the sign of a makeup addict. However, the bottle is the only retro thing; the brush is good quality and applies the nail varnish well and the formula is modern and streak free.

The colour is a gorgeous pink coral and looks great with a (fake) tan. Finally, the smell... although when wet it smells like standard nail varnish, when dry it smells delicious like red skittles! The smell lasts a long time too, I was still able to smell it 4 days later. It lasts well, and I managed 3 days without a chip and dries quickly. Overall I love it and it was a fabulous pick-me-up. Don't look this little beauty over when you're next out makeup shopping, it will brighten up your day.

This is available for £6.49 from Boots


15 Jun 2014

Satchel Loving: Rhodesian of Edinburgh

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Rhodesian of Edinburgh and said I'd love a Willow in Azure. Well I was a bit naughty and treated myself to it! This is a unique "fatchel" - a fat satchel. They are wider than the normal style which I am usually so obsessed with and come in loads of different sizes and a huge range of beautiful colours. 

This is The Willow - the second largest size they make. It's roughly 10.5" by 12" and is a generous 6.5" deep. This means I can lug my laptop and an A4 notepad around to uni (which fit in diagonally) and have room for my lunchbox and knitting for the train! 

You can customise your bag with different strap options, embossing, poppers and other handy additions. I chose the classic bag but with a shoulder strap as well

In real life it means they look like this:

I'm wearing: jeans - Leigh at Topshop, vest top from Topshop, necklace from Laura Lee Jewellery, sandals from Accessorize.

Catalogue posing...

It was incredibly hard to choose a colour and I was torn between the azure and sky (the Azure is a deeper blue)

However, my craving has not been satisfied. I now have my eye on a smaller bag for a summery handbag in cream or a minty pastel colour. This bag is £135 without any extras which is around the same price bracket as a Cambridge Satchel or Leather Satchel Co bag. 

13 Jun 2014

Outfit post: French Connection Red Dress

Recently I was asked if I wanted to do some work with French Connection which obviously I said I did! I LOVE French Connection and am blessed there is an outlet near me in Gunwarf Quays in Portsmouth (you have to visit - they also have a discount MAC shop!)

Anyway I was taking a peek through their dresses and this one caught my attention!

 This is the French Connection Alanis Jersey Maxi Dress  and it is STUNNING! It's made of a gorgeous tomato red, heavy jersey fabric which drapes beautifully. 

 The front has a cross-over meaning you can make it as booby as you'd like. It also has a tie belt and the length of the shoulder straps can be changed which is good for us tall girls who don't want an ankle-swinging maxi dress.

 Here I'm wearing it with a gold lace necklace from H&M, and gold sandals from Accessorize. I love that you can add just a couple of simple accessories.

This dress really has the wow factor - I had one of those lovely moments wearing it when I walked in to show my boyfriend and he stopped and said "wow" which is a reaction we can all agree we love! 

The dress costs £85 and I'd say is worth every penny. I adore this dress and how it makes me feel. It hurts a little that I've decided to save it for a wedding in August! I want to wear it constantly! 

11 Jun 2014

Wednesday Wants (needs!)

I think I should rename this feature "it's the run up to my birthday and these are all things I really want please" but it's not so snappy. Here are the most gorgeous things I've been craving recently

Transparent Rain Mac - £24 from Not on The High Street. This would be perfect for walking my new puppy when he comes in 2 weeks! 

Topshop Scallop swimsuit - £36. Gorgeous for the summer. I actually tried it on at the weekend and my torso is far too long for it sadly, but for those of you who are less long, try it and love it for me please?

It's no secret I'm the biggest fan of Mango. I tried on this jacket in their concession in John Lewis and fell in love. I just discovered it's on sale at ASOS from £59.99 to £29.50! 

Jeans with a ripped knee from ASOS - £32

I have wanted these trainers for months! (since one of my very stylish course mates rocked them and I fell in love!) They are the Nike Blazer Mid Black trainers and are £70 

ASOS Scallop hem shorts - £20. Love this mint colour and the high waisted texture. These will hopefully feature heavily on my holiday


8 Jun 2014

Review: New Orly Colour Blast in Onyx

Although I'm a huge nailvarnish fan, I'd not tried ORLY polish until now. I was very lucky to be sent some to review a few weeks ago. This is Orly Colour Blast 3D Glitter in Onyx. 

The colour blast range is a collection of 72 shades in 9 different finishes

The colour is a gunmetal grey with silver glitter in. It is a 3D glitter and it lives up to the name - it feels rough and gritty - a texture I really liked! It was such an interesting nail varnish it certainly caught attention. 

It applied really easily, with only two layers needed for the effect above, which is good in my experience for a glitter nailvarnish. It dried to touch-dry really quickly and I could get on with everyday things, but when I tried to do a high-impact action with my nails (in this case, opening a new box of moisturiser), it wrinkled up into a solid layer, demonstrating it wasn't completely dry under the surface. This may be a good nailvarnish for us girls who like to apply nailvarnish before bed with the bonus of a dry surface quickly so no sheet marks!

The nailvarnish lasted as long as a regular glitter so performed well. Overall, a really unique nailvarnish. I'm keen to discover more in the range! 


6 Jun 2014

DIY: Shabby Chic Spice Rack from eBay

Another weekend DIY for you!

Having the smallest kitchen ever even though my favourite hobby is cooking, space is really important in my kitchen. Especially now my boyfriend has moved in (who I'm certain is secretly a professional sauce collector). My cupboards were overflowing. I had been going through eBay looking for gorgeous shabby chic dresser tops and spice racks, but with many of them being £100 or more, they were out of reach for me. I found this one for sale in Kent and managed to get it for £12 which was a bargain seeing as we would be in Kent that weekend to pick it up. I then managed to transform it into this beauty which I am very proud of. 

How to:

1. Your eBay search terms are wooden spice rack, plate rack or dresser top. Try to find something which will fit your wall well and make sure you can fit it in your car to take home! 

Step 2: Convince someone to sand it down for you. Remember to take the knobs off the drawers if there are any and take the drawers out. It doesn't need to be sanded down much, just a tiny amount to allow the paint to stick. 

Step 3: Primer. Paint white primer and undercoat (2 in 1) onto the whole thing. Make sure your brush strokes go with the grain of the wood for the best effect and watch out for drips! 

At this point it will look terrible and you'll wonder if you've made the wrong choice.

Therefore take a nap

Step 4: Add a few layers of your desired colour, waiting for each layer to dry and again watching for drips. You can get some lovely special wood paints but I just used leftover kitchen paint. This is Dulux Natural Calico. 

Step 5: Hang it! I stupidly chose a hollow plasterboard wall to put it up on. If you've done the same, put some more mirror screw plates on it to hold it up and use special hollow wall plugs. Then decorate! 

I got these spice kilner jars from The Range - £4.99 for 6. I also bought some "window pens" from there which are a chalk effect liquid pen to write what was in each jar. 

With flash - 

Finally - loads more, super cute storage. I've decorated the bottom shelf with our S and L mugs from M&S, salt and pepper things, and a candle from IKEA as well as a little Coriander memo from our first date in a restaurant called Coriander!
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