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30 May 2014

DIY: Restoring Faded Black Jeans

 I love my black skinny jeans, but I was getting to the point where I was fed up of them fading so much I was buying new ones every 6 months. I decided it was kill or cure: if I were to dye them, it would either ruin them, but I was going to bin them anyway, or it would mend them so I gave it a go... As you can see below it worked really well. 

This is a great DIY for the weekend. All you'll need is
- Dylon Velvet Black Dye
- 500g salt
- Washing machine and washing liquid

First up. select your ruined jeans

These are my Warehouse black jeggings, but I also dyed some less faded black Topshop Leigh jeans.

With the dye, in the little box, you get a bag of dye powder and a little leaflet on how to use it.  You simply put it in the bottom of the washing machine

Pour over 500g of salt (as in the cooking stuff

and put your clothes to dye on top of the pile. Then set your machine to 40 degree cotton wash and go! Once it has finished, you need to put washing liquid in the drawer and wash again at 40 degrees.

After this, hang your clothes up out of direct sunlight. It left my machine a bit stained at first...

But after running an empty machine with some more washing liquid in, it was fine. I've even washed a white load since which has come out normal so don't worry about it ruining your machine.

The results... excellent!

My jeans are restored to their brand new state and I'm so impressed. They also do a dark "jeans blue" shade which I haven't tried yet for getting denim darker. It's worked really well and made a super easy job of restoring my jeans and saving me a lot of money (it's around £6.25 for a packet). I will totally do this again in future

Disclaimer - I was sent this product after tweeting some DIYers about their experience using black dye on jeans. 

28 May 2014

getting a puppy!

As you've probably seen on Instagram, I'm getting a puppy!

His name is Teddy and he's a 3 week old Miniature Pinscher! I am so in love I can't wait until the end of June to get him.

And here's a video...

27 May 2014

Bag Competition with Rhodesian of Edinburgh

It's not often that I'll post a blog about a competition on other websites but this is so special I thought you all needed to be made aware

Rhodesian of Edinburgh, a beautiful bag company (who will be featuring heavily on my blog in the future I'm sure), are giving away one of their gorgeous bags. 

For a chance to win, follow Rhodesian of Edinburgh on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and leave them a comment on why you would like to win a fatchel, and what one you would pick (I have my eye on an azure Willow). 

The giveaway runs from 26th May 2014 to 9th June 2014 so go enter for a unique, gorgeous bag! 

20 May 2014

Outfit: Citizen Drive Watch FB1363-56L

Citizen have a huge new selection of beautiful watches out in their Citizen Drive collection which a few bloggers were allowed to preview a few weeks ago. The range has loads of gold and rose gold toned chronograph watches which are really in at the moment, as well as more unisex looks and ones in black and other metals. I was lucky enough to be sent this one to review.

This is the Citizen Drive Watch FB1363-56L which is part of the "AML - All My Love" collection which contrasts rose gold tones with a blue watch face. 

The clever part about it - it's powered by sunlight! It also has a chronograph (so I can time people doing stuff for fun) and the date. 

I've worn it with everything since I got it. It's got such a big face it's been great for secretly peeking at my watch in meetings, but it goes with everything from work clothes to casual jeans or an evening out. 

I love the warm blue face, it's really different and makes it stand out from other watches of this sort. The roman numerals are really lovely too. It's a beautiful watch

The watch currently retails at £199 which is cheaper than a similar popular brand we all know! I would recommend popping to a local jewellery shop to take a look at the range. 


18 May 2014

Outfit: Sunshine Weekend

This weekend has been beautiful! Sam and I spent Friday and Saturday in Bournemouth thanks to a Groupon hotel voucher and stayed at The Wessex Hotel. 

We went to one of our favourite hipster bars 60 Million Postcards (I love it there, totally recommend it) and had a gin and tonic in the sunshine before going out to town and having a Wagamama.

The next day we hung around for a while in the sun and I got a chance to wear my gorgeous new Primark dress (I'm loving it there at the moment)

I'm wearing - dress from Primark, watch from Citizen Drive (post to come), Sandals from Accessorize. 

We also were treated to afternoon tea as part of our Groupon! 

We finally found our way back home to have a yummy BBQ in the garden


15 May 2014

Outfit Post: Slouchy Evening Out

Being a bargain addict, I recently bought this grey slouchy top on a Primark sale rail for £3. Normally I know exactly how I will wear an item but I wasn't sure what I'd do with this top; but took it home anyway! 

I wore it to a meeting with my doctorate mentor yesterday with black skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Then to liven it up a bit for a night out, I've teamed it here with pleather leggings and flats. 

I'm also wearing shoes from Primark and my Michael Kors watch

I also wore my new earring! I've wanted my upper ear pierced for a long time and on Sunday my best friend finally convinced me to do it in Claire's Accessories. I had my lobes done when I was 8 so was really scared of the pain but it was fine! I'm so pleased with it (although my mum doesn't know yet) and am considering getting the cartilage further up pierced although I'm scared of scarring and lumps which sometimes occur. 


13 May 2014

Outfit Post: Collared Swing Dress

On Sunday I went to my best friend Becky's for a stitch and bitch sewing session and we "accidentally" ended up in Primark. I saw this grey swing dress with a collar and thought I could try it, although it's not my usual style of tight dress with waist belt. I wore it yesterday and absolutely love it!

I felt when wearing something shapeless and colourless, I could have lost what may be an interesting look, so I teamed it with my House of Holland Suspender Tights to give a bit more of an edge. Here I am also wearing a Michael Kors gold chain watch and New Look wedge ankle boots. 

It has been so windy! 

Outfit details: Dress - Primark, Boots - New Look, Tights - MyTights.com, Watch - Michael Kors

So from what could have been a hard to pull of dress, I love this outfit mixing a nice girl dress with bad girl tights! I love the fabric and how movement brings it to life. Another Primarni bargain! 


10 May 2014

The life of a useless blogger

Hi everyone

I've been such a useless blogger recently! I've not been replying to emails or tweets or blogging at all. It's frustrating because I really would love to be blogging but I have no time - who knew a doctorate would be so time consuming! I will start to get more ideas for blogging soon when I have more brain space. I've got plans for another giveaway, a skincare post from one of my friends Danni who is a skincare guru and some more what to wear posts. Do you have any requests?

Recently, other than writing a literature review I have been to Marwell zoo! It's my boyfriend's birthday this weekend so we went yesterday and he managed to add Meerkat and Black Swan to the list of animals which have bitten him.

We've also done loads of gardening and turned the garden from mess to lovely.  


So we don't have the budget to rip out the garage and all the tiles like we'd want to; and it's looking a little bare at the moment, but we're growing loads of vegetables and have lots of flower seeds in so hopefully it will start to look less naked soon. Plus the new fence and garage repairs really help. Sam also put me up a canopy of fairy lights! 

It looks much more magical in real life! And we were thinking of putting them from fence to fence next weekend and over the washing lines to cover more garden!

Since my boyfriend moved in a month ago, we've been saving and starting to redecorate the whole house how we want, room by room and started with the garden. Saving up for doing the kitchen next - I want a KitchenAid mixer! 

So anyway, that's my non-blogging life and a big sorry to my regular readers. 
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