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24 Mar 2014

Review: L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

I tend to stick to a couple of lengthening mascaras, but while out shopping the other week in Sainsbury's, I spotted the new L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara on offer and thought I'd try it. The mascara comes in three colours, a turquoise, purple and black, of which I bought the black. 

The mascara claims to give a "manga eyes" look using a volumising formulation with a bristle brush meaning it picks up a lot of the mascara to give a thick coating. The mascara brush is really flexible (see that joint in the middle of the wand?) and the bristles are in a cone shape making it really easy to apply to smaller and bottom lashes.  

To use this mascara to the maximum impact, I find you need to only dip it in the mascara once (don't keep dipping!) and using a wiggle at the base, keep going over the lashes again and again to coat and define the eyelashes. The formula clumps really easily but with practice it can be applied really well. If you look on the L'Oreal website you can see how they recommend it's applied which is much too clumpy for me, but suits the manga look 

As you can see it doesn't provide much lengthening, but good volume. The black formula is really coating on all the little lashes, but the huge bristly brush means it is easy to get all over your skin too, so for best effects wear a good flick of black eyeliner and look downwards into a mirror when applying. However, it does lift your lashes (I haven't curled my eyelashes here) and gives good volume. My favourite mascara look at the moment is applying a good layer of this mascara, with a layer of L'Oreal false lash flutter on top for lengthening and really high impact! 

Overall, a nice mascara although I think I'll stick the mascaras which lengthen, and I'd be interested to try the purple one - apparently it brings out the green in eyes



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