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6 Mar 2014

London Retro Glasses and Giveaway!

A few weeks ago MyOPTIQUE offered me to try some London Retro glasses and also offer a pair for giveaway!

Confession - I'm not actually a glasses wearer, but I thought it might be fun to try out how I would look! MyOPTIQUE have a huge range of super-stylish glasses, and as a big retro-style fan I was very drawn to the London Retro range. I'm a huge fan of the cat eye shape so I chose the Bakerloo pair in tortoise which are £79 including lenses.

These glasses are unisex and come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. The Bakerloo pair are quite big and I think look fab! I like wearing them to work and looking intelligent! However they also go with my hipster look!

The frames are bold, but the softer tortoise-shell colour makes them softer and I love the 50s shape. The without prescription ones come with lenses in which are coated, and the hinges are springy so will fit most sizes of head! 

The glasses are really easy to order. You select what you would use them for (e.g. reading, varifocal, computer), then add your package of how thin the lenses are, coatings and scratch resistance level, and then you can choose a tint and have them as sunglasses if you like. Finally you enter your prescription and the price is all calculated up for you. 

THE WINNER IS! Natalie Henderson! Congratulations! 

Browsing Reddit made me think of my glasses earlier today:

What do you think of my fake glasses? Enter the giveaway now!


  1. Ooh I wear glasses so I'm going to check out their website! You really suit glasses, what's the lipstick you're wearing in the first photo please?! It's so pretty! X

  2. They look great on you, I would love to try glasses from this brand x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  3. You look amazing, they really suit you

  4. Thanks everyone. @Dani Garzia, it's MAC's MAC Red from the review below

    Lauren x

  5. You look amazing!
    love sunglasses!!


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