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10 Feb 2014

Review: Bleach London Rosé Super Cool Colours

I dyed my hair pink! Since seeing Bleach London released their Super Cool Colours range I've been hunting everywhere for the pale, candyfloss pink shade called Rose . I finally found it in Boots, Bournemouth where they have a huge range of colours for only £5

The bottles are small, but I only used half the bottle to do my whole head,and I have a lot of hair

It's simple to do. Wash you hair with shampoo as normal, towel dry and then put on gloves and apply this all over. Then leave it for 15 minutes and rinse out. The dyes are designed for light blonde or bleached hair, so as mine is only highlighted I left it in for 20 minutes whilst I had a bath to let it settle into the natural, darker colour. 

The dye goes very deep pink, but don't panic! 

The picture I sent my best friend Becky when I panicked...

The colour came out like this! It's a super candyfloss pink shade and I'm really happy with it

I love the way the colour has gone on my highlights, giving it a multi-tonal look, with some almost lilac shades! The bottle says it washes out in 2-10 washes, and as I'm precious about my hair, I've thoroughly googled it and it appears all the other bloggers who've tried it have had no problems getting the colour out. I can't wait to try other colours! 



  1. Love it! This looks great and suits you so well! :)
    I've been uming and ahing over wanting to go candyfloss or lilac.. But I cut my hair short instead, which I now regret, so need to grow it first!lol


  2. Wow you pull that look of so well it really suits you x

  3. This is so gorgeous, you have beautiful hair!


  4. How did you bleach your hair? What did you use?


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