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5 Feb 2014

Amazing and Terrible Dating Stories: Take Me Out

I was recently asked to talk about my unique dating stories for Take Me Out. With Valentine's Day approaching I thought it would be great fun to share my best date ever, and to get a few friends to tell us their anonymous nightmare dates! 

My best date ever - be prepared for Cheese! 

The best date I ever went on was in October 2012. I had started seeing my now boyfriend and he announced we should go to London together. We met on the train in Southampton and headed up (which was exciting! I had the early stages of dating tingles and got to sit next to him for a whole hour!). When we got there, Sam said he was going to take me to see some art which was exciting as I'd never been to a gallery before (I'm from a tiny Scottish Island, don't judge me). He took me over to The Southbank Centre and we saw, Art by Offenders! 

It was a really amazing display of sculpture and art by people in prisons and secure units across the UK. I felt so trendy and cool. 

After that, we headed over to Victoria and got a London tour bus! (the ones with the headphones and everything). We travelled on the top deck for a while but it was such a cold day and I wore something pretty but not practical as usual. We headed down to the bottom deck and got all the way round to the Tower of London before we got off. We had one of our first kisses on the bus, it was magical! 

After that, we sneaked into a tiny pub called The Anchor near The Globe Theatre where I had too many glasses of pink wine! 

At this point Sam realised I needed some food so we had a yummy Pizza Express nearby and walked back to the train station along the South Bank which was lined with trees covered in fairy lights. In my tipsy state, it was the most beautiful, magical moment of my whole life and I realised I could be falling in love! *make sick noises now* 

My very kind friends also volunteered some of their dating stories: 

A boy's perfect date story

         "I met a girl once as me and my mate were staying in York, and he dragged this girl from our night out back to our hotel. I'm in the bunk beds because he decides he wants the double, she climbs in and asks if she can stay with me as he's a bit creepy. We stay up all night talking having an awesome time, we go on a date a couple of weeks later, I travel up to York again, and we go out for dinner end up staying out all night and basically end up spending the next week up there. I had to go buy new clothes"

Terrible dating stories (from my anonymous friends!)

          "I was once on a date that was terrible because the guy thought it would be endearing to give me his complete chronological family history. I got a friend to call me pretending to be my housemate and say our fire alarm had gone off in my room and the uni was going through my stuff." 

        "I went on a date with a guy who barely spoke, put down my attempts at small talk to the point of saying he doesn't like music and then he got drunk and told me all about his grandmother. It was weird"

          "I went on a second date with this guy who seemed ok... until he took me to a bar and he got really drunk. Being duty driver and not drinking, I took him back to his place (mainly so I could make sure he wobbled home ok) and he dragged me indoors and then started playing "I think I love you" and slurringly telling me this song was all about me! Needless to say, I didn't call him back"

And the boys' stories

         "One time, I threw up on the girls driveway. I went to pick her up, wasn't feeling particularly well but I’d already had to rearrange once and didn't want to mess it up. Needless to say, I managed to mess that one up.
         "I went to Nando’s and the girl ordered plain chicken. Everything else went great except that, but I wasn't going to have plain chicken on my conscience."

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  1. Loved this post!
    Your story is soooo cute, your friend's on the other hand LOL!! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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