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4 Dec 2013

Ray Bans

I've heard you're either a glasses or hat person. I'm definitely a hat person and Sam is definitely a glasses person but Vision Direct sent Sam some Wayfarer style Ray-Ban RX5260 glasses recently in size 52 and they suit us both! 

Looking stylish in the glasses!

Wearing them I realised with my fringe and knitted jumper, I look a little like I want to be Jess from New Girl (which I totally do) so I'm hoping to use this post as my "blonde New Girl" look for the Zalando competition! Although obviously she's incredibly cute and beautiful where as I'm long day at work fluffy hair.

Love the squiggly red insides!

We found ordering glasses much easier online than we had expected! We chose the glasses from the range on the website, and you enter your prescription details in the relevant boxes, and they arrive a few days later ready to go. They were also much cheaper than expected at £75 for Ray-Bans. I know Sam is delighted, after starting to wear contact lenses, these are his go-to glasses for non-contact lens days; and he'd definitely buy more glasses online (so much cheaper than in store). 

Luckily/sadly for me, I don't need glasses so I don't get a chance to wear these and look very intelligent/New Girl (although they do come without prescription lenses if you want, so if wearing fake glasses is your thing you can!)


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