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14 Oct 2013

Vaseline Paint The Town Lip Tint

Vaseline Paint The Town is the new limited edition from Vaseline, with a spiced berry flavour (which is really yummy, like a christmassy berry, cherry flavour) and a light red tint

This tint follows the limited edition Creme Brulee and Pink Bubbly releases, and is my favourite so far. It gives a really delicate red tone to lips, although I've found it impossible to photograph so gave up in the end, sorry! 

It's a really great product to keep in your handbag as it gives a perk up to a tired face and lips whist moisturising, but is easy to apply whilst on the train or at work! Also the scent is perfect for the winter, it has that warm, Christmas feeling smell but isn't too super-sweet or overwhelming.

If you're a fan of Vaseline, this is worth picking up for £3.49

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