28 Sep 2013

What's in my University Bag?

For most Universities, it's Fresher's Week this week or next week and for many first time students it can be a really stressful, exciting, overwhelming time! To take the stress out of it I thought I'd give you some pointers on what to take to Uni every day. I'm a bit of a been-there-done-that student, having done an undergraduate degree, a master's degree and starting a doctorate on Monday so I've learnt some skills on hauling your life around on a daily basis so here are my tips... 

First of all, invest in a lovely bag. I love my small handbag satchel, so for my birthday I requested a University satchel. This is The Leather Satchel Co 14 inch satchel in a classic Chestnut Brown. I also had some extras added like the briefcase handle, shoulder strap for heavy book days and the magnetic fasteners to make getting in and out a bit quicker. If you're quick, you can get something similar from ASOS with next day delivery ready for your first week! I have found this size is perfect for my Samsung Ultrabook to fit in too. 

Next, think about what you will need. Here are my essentials:

I've got a notepad from Paperchase - this one has pre-punched, tear out sheets to make note filing easier. It's definitely something that you should consider rather than a refill book of ruled sheets or a bound notebook.

I love a Filofax and here I have the A5 Filofax "The Original" in green. It's perfect for my studies as it has enough room to write notes on, and I've added the appointments diary so I can see what lectures/placements I'm on, which are highlighted so I can see the times (I always double book myself otherwise). I've also got the expenses sheets as I get mileage money on placement, note paper, addresses and a shopping list pad in the back as well as the sticky notes insert.

I've also got the basics - my Radley purse which has seen better days, my mobile with a "pugs and kisses" cover, Carmex lip balm, keys, pen, highlighter, and rail card (I'm going to be commuting by train so got to invest in a season ticket... the cost is terrifying!)

Finally I've got my Kindle for the commute in and out. I LOVE reading and fear I won't be able to read for pleasure in the next year but fingers crossed. I could also do in investing in some earphones so I can listen to my music on the move. 

So here it all is. Other things to consider are a water bottle, pass book for train/bus tickets and student ID, notebook for reflective diary on placement.

Do you have any tips for University bags or what to carry in? 

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  1. I've just found your blog and find this post so helpful! I'm not going to University until next year but I can't wait!
    I've been looking at getting one of these bag in their largest size for quite some time and they're just getting more and more tempting! I have the same Kindle too; everyone seems to have the touch screen version but I find that having the buttons makes it feel so much less like a tablet and specifically for reading which is great!
    Jess from http://theadorabledork.blogspot.co.uk


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