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24 Sept 2013

Review: Glo Minerals Lipstick in Cabaret

A few weeks ago I was offered to try out a product from a brand new to me - Glo Minerals, who although established in 2002, were not a mineral makeup company I had heard of. I was sent this lipstick in Cabaret to review.

First of all, the packaging is really slick and shiny and looks like a "standard" makeup rather than some of the other organic or mineral based products I've tried. 

The lipstick itself is a very deep shade of red, very vampy! It comes in a classic bullet with point to make it really easy to apply without a lip brush. As this brand excludes fragrances, it doesn't have a yummy smell like a MAC lippie may have, but it doesn't smell of anything that puts me off. The taste is mild and floral. 

Most importantly, it applies really well. It gives a really bold colour pay-off and performs like any other lipstick would. The lipstick formula is very hydrating and creamy, but doesn't bleed (in the picture below I'm wearing it without lip liner to show you the natural colour. As you can see it comes out brighter than the bullet looks but not too different. It's a lovely deep red, perfect for these Autumn evenings. Another bonus for those of us with sensitive skin is that we don't have to worry about allergies or spots around the mouth as it's all mineral based. 

The lipstick performed as expected over the evening, it didn't outlast dinner but it never promised to be one to hang around. Positively, it came off when rubbed and didn't stain my lips so I didn't look like a horror film waking up the next morning (no I didn't take off my makeup, naughty!)

Overall, for £15 it's not a cheap lipstick, but it does promise to perform like chemical-filled drugstore lipstick but without the nasties. In my experience, organic and mineral makeup can be a little lacking and I've been waiting for it to catch up, but if I wasn't told this was mineral makeup I would never have thought this any different to other lipsticks. If you're on the lookout for a great mineral makeup, this might be worth a go. 

From Glo Minerals 

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