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13 Sept 2013

Autumn OOTD - Coccoon Cardigans

Autumn has hit us hard, my heating came on automatically yesterday morning, it's darker in the mornings, I'm cold and it's raining. Moan moan moan (I should use this as an excuse to buy the gorgeous coat I've been lusting after from ASOS). Anyway, as the weather is on the change I've been a bit stuck for comfy weekend clothes but this is what I wore the other day:

Vest - Mum's old one!
Jeans - Topshop Leigh
Umbrella - found in the back of boyfriend's mum's car
Cat - vintage 

I'm really loving this slouchy cocoon cardigan to wrap up in, the act of curling up in it really appeals to me (and I wore it to a meeting yesterday and found it very soothing!). This cardigan isn't cheap but bridges the gap between no-coat summer and coat-wearing winter in style. It's super heavy and thick and great for keeping me warm. 

My umbrella was a great find! It was moulding away at the back of my boyfriend's mum's old car and looking very sorry for itself. Turns out it's my boyfriend's very first girlfriend's old brolly so I adopted it, gave it a really good soak in bleach overnight and now it's perfect. I love the shape of it - reminds me of the Brighton pavillion! 

P.S. Do you like my new fringe? It's a bit rain-soaked here but I'm really enjoying channelling the Taylor Swift look! 


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