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4 Sept 2013

Another holiday blog post

I've been very lucky this year (and very broke) and managed to squeeze in a few holidays before the adventure of my new job starts later this month. This weekend, my boyfriend Sam and I went for a long weekend to Alora in the south of Spain (near Malaga) to see his Dad. Alora is a tiny village in the mountains north of Malaga and so the locals don't speak much English so I got to put my GCSE Spanish to practice (with lots of help from Sam's Dad who is fluent!)

On day 1, we spent the whole day by the pool before going out for dinner at a local restaurant. We also met Barney Jackson 

Barney Jackson - world's cutest dog. He was found at a few weeks old abandoned so Sam's dad rescued him. He's now almost 1 year old! The locals call him Coquito (unsure of the spelling) which is apparently slang for runt and also the name they give to the end of baguettes because apparently nobody wants that bit (although it is my favourite part...)

That night I wore: 

Skirt - Zara, Sandals - Accessorize, Top - New Look, Bag - Lulu Guinness from TK Maxx which I was sent to show you on my blog and was reduced to under £100

On day 2 we were dropped off at Torremolinos beach for the day. I went there once on my first without parents holiday when I was just 16 with my girlfriends. How times have changed!

I enjoyed a couple of cocktails on the beach, my favourite being a strawberry daiquiri and then headed back for some more sillyness in the pool (complete with spiderman lilo we bought on the way back, because we're 25 year old "adults" and stuff) 


That night we went out for more gin and tonics and dinner, and I braved up to wear my Zara pajama trousers!

Silk cami - Topshop, Trousers - Zara, Sandals - Accessorize, Necklace - Ted Baker

On the last day, we went up to the huge freshwater lakes and jumped off the cliffs into the lake (which was really high and terrifying and amazing). I closed my eyes and went for it, then in the water the adrenaline hit me and I couldn't move my legs to get out the lake... I felt very silly. Here's Sam and I looking bedraggled post-jump

We had a lovely relaxing break and now I need something new to look forwards to although that might be Christmas now!

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