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29 Aug 2013

Review: L'Oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara

A few weeks ago I was shopping at Sainsburys, and I'd run out of mascara so decided to try out the new L'Oreal False Lash Flutter mascara which was on offer

You've probably seen the advert - for butterfly lashes! The brush is a strange scoop shape, with longer bristles on one side than the other, and it's a comb brush as most the L'Oreal mascaras seem to be, to give better distribution of the fibres along the lashes to extend them. Just like my favourite, the L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara, this mascara contains fibres to lengthen lashes, but this mascara promises to make them longer towards the other edges

Here's the results:

L'Oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara - before and after

As you can see, it makes my lashes really long, and really defined to give a great impact, and I'd say a bigger impact than the L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara, which gives length but also more clumpiness with the added volume to lashes (see below)

L'Oreal Telescopic False Lash mascara - before and after

The brush itself has longer and shorter bristles so it's really easy to get the short lashes at the edge, and the natural curve to the brush is shaped to the eye so it's really easy to get the base of lashes and the bottom lashes.

Overall, I really like this new mascara! The brush takes a little getting used to, but the impact is quite big, to the point where the first day I was wearing it my boyfriend asked what I'd done to my eyelashes because they'd grown!

28 Aug 2013

Blog Sale (on eBay)

Thought I'd let you all know I'm selling some of my shoes and handbags on eBay, and my boyfriend's Marshall Mode Four Head Unit and Cab (for you musical people... he saw me eBaying and wanted to get in on the action)

Most things are starting at 99p and you have until 7.30pm next Wednesday to have a think. Here's what I've got

Faith Oversize Bow Clutch Bag

I got this before Faith shut down - it's a gorgeous leather (I think) clutch with oversized bow details. A good size for day and night. Starting at 99p from here

Faith summer wedges, size 8 
I've not worn these much, but these Faith shoes feature a wicker wedge, knot detail and ankle strap. Again starting at 99p from here

Fiorelli bag
A lovely coral Fiorelli bag (much brighter in real life). Again I've not used this much, I got it last year with some birthday money and is barely used. Great bag for the summer with a really cute clip top. This is currently on for £2

River Island evening bag

This strap bag is very 1920s Great Gatsby looking. Only a tiny bit of damage to the metal buckle but only used for a couple of evenings out. Again starting at 99p

Primark heels, size 7

My concealed platform, almond toe stilettos from Primark which looked just like the ones Aldo had in! They're very high! You can get them here from 99p

New Look wedges, size 8

These were my work shoes when I used to work in a smarter job, but now I have no room for them in my life! They're really lovely concealed wedges and look very smart. A little wear to the heel - going from 99p

Marshall Mode Four 

A long time ago my boyfriend was in a Dover band, and he owned a Marshall Mode Four Head Unit and Cab, but now his mum has no room for it at her house so they're for sale. They're for pick up from Whitfield near Dover 

Marshall MF350 Mode Four 350W 4-Channel Head - from £170

Happy bidding! Email me if you have any question or tweet me @laurenlovesblog


27 Aug 2013

Bank Holiday Wanderings - Hengistbury Head and Mudeford

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Bournemouth! My boyfriend Sam and I decided to get out, so made a picnic (roast chicken and stuffing sandwiches with leftover from the hangover roast I made him Sunday and angel slices naturally!) and headed to Hengistbury Head (or Hinglby Hebb as I've been calling it accidentally for the last year). It was a really gorgeous area, with a large hill, and Mudeford Quay round the corner where Sam has been going for his summer holidays for years - I think he took me so I can get my head around going and staying in a beach hut with no toilet, electricity or running water when we go with his family next month. 

I wore - Zara top, Seagull necklace from Etsy. I love seagulls. Apparently I'm the only one in the world who does though. They remind me of the sea where I've always lived. 

Hengistbury Head

The beautiful beach huts on Mudeford Quay

I loved it and would definitely recommend it for a picnic and walking spot for anyone who lives in Dorset.


18 Aug 2013

UGG Boots - Leather Gershwin Review

I have to be honest, I've never been the biggest fan of UGG boots. I have some fake ones from Marks and Spencer as my slippers in winter, but I've never been drawn to the classic UGGs, thinking of them as a bit of a fashion don't; so when I was emailed by UGG saying they had a new range in which I might be interested in and asking if I wanted to try some out I was really interested and skipped off to have a look

Messy, rainy hair

I saw these leather boots and was immediately smitten - they are gorgeous, sturdy, leather biker boots but have the sheep skin furry lining that I've always craved (and been jealous of from the UGG boot wearers). These are the UGG Gershwin boots - coming in at £225 these are not cheap, but are completely waterproof, really comfortable and so warm. With the weather being a bit on the turn, I wore these out shopping on a rainy Saturday and was really pleased

I love the buckles! They have a zip up the side to make them really easy to put on and decent soles with lots of grip 

In these boots I'm set up for the next few Winters (and rainy Autumns and Springs). There are some reviews online saying they're quite narrow, and with all the fur I'd agree, but they're not uncomfortable on me and I really like them. Now I've looked into UGG and seen they're more than the classic UGG boot, I've been really loving these boots too...

UGG Esplanade - £180

UGG Caraby - £145

UGG Jena - £245


16 Aug 2013

Filofax The Original - 90s themed

Some bloggers were set a challenge to style the decade of fashion they love with a Filofax "The Original" As I'm going into a professional role now, I chose the A5 size, but as it's Psychology I thought I could have a bit of fun and go for a bright colour so I chose Fluoro Pink and went with a 90s theme. 

As I said in a recent post, I'm going to a 90s themed birthday party next month so to prepare I thought of all the things I loved in the 90s - I had two Funfax (their kids version in the 90s - do you remember them?!) and I loved B*Witched so double denim was a must

I'm wearing a denim bralet from Mango, denim skater skirt from Miss Selfridge and wedge high-tops from Primark and obviously my bright pink Filofax. You can see how it glows! Maybe slightly inappropriate for a trainee psychologist? I also put my hair in pigtails because that's how photos show I lived as a 90s child.

The Filofax is amazing - it's a great size for appointments and you can fit loads in it as the leather is super soft. The button closure has a little room for "stuffing" and it has lots of little nooks for hiding pens and note paper.

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14 Aug 2013

A Lovely London Weekend - Hummingbird Bakery and Summer Screen

Since I've been seeing my boyfriend, we've had a shared list online of all the things we want to do, see, places we want to go and we try to do something every opportunity we have. The only issue is the list keeps getting longer faster than we can do things! 

Anyway one of the things on the list is Sam wanted to go to an outdoor cinema in London. I did some research and found he meant the Film4 Summer Screen in Somerset House and as soon as tickets came out I snapped some up as a treat for him! 

We went on Saturday which was a triple bill - Mean Girls (the most amazing film), Carrie, and The Loved Ones. I made my own picnic, booked a hotel and we went up for a brilliant weekend. 

We arrived in London and walked to our hotel in Waterloo

I'd dyed my hair ginger for the weekend!

I made a picnic of sausage and stuffing rolls, mini cheese, bacon, leek and mushroom quiches, lots of cakes and pink wine!

At the film

The summer screen was brilliant! The films started at 9, so we managed to watch Mean Girls and Carrie before we were too cold and tired and left before The Loved Ones. People turned up with blankets, onesies, their duvet covers, pillows and huge picnics. I'd recommend taking anything you can carry. As we had 2 days in London we took a collapsible cool bag and a blanket but could have done with more really as the ground was very hard. We got there about 8 (doors opened at 7.30pm) and there was already not much room left but we found somewhere we could snuggle and lots of people left after Mean Girls so we could stretch out. The atmosphere was amazing, people were cheering, quoting lines and getting really involved. We loved it. 

We then took a stroll through London at 1.30am and it was beautiful. The pink wine probably helped make it really magical too! 

Before the weekend, I was emailed by the Hummingbird Bakery (squeal!) asking if I wanted to go along and sample their new cakes! I am the biggest fan of the Hummingbird Bakery books so had a small meltdown and was very star-struck! We went along at lunch time on Sunday. They had loads of new things including rainbow cake, chocolate cakes, grasshopper slices, peanut and chocolate whoopie pies, bubblegum whoopie pies and new cupcake flavours. I was in heaven...

We tried a peanut and chocolate whoopie pie while we were there with a lovely Tea Pigs cuppa. It was indulgent and delicious. I loved the marshmallow-texture middle and the gooey cake. 

Of course we also had to try out some rainbow cake to see what it's like - it was super thick like a red velvet cake, and the icing was bubblegum flavoured. It was like my childhood dream come true so we took a slice home! 

I got chatting to lovely Emily who was amazing there - she also writes a gorgeous food photography blog so PLEASE go follow her on bloglovin

Afterwards, we wondered through Soho to Covent Garden and went to check out Five Guys (another thing on our list) via a good spending spree in Paperchase from me! We had the cheeseburgers with everything and they were amazing. They don't look so delicious but it was the most tasty burger ever

Overall, the Summer Screen was brilliant, Hummingbird Bakery remains my favourite place in the whole world and Five Guys is totally worth a try! 
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