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25 Jul 2013

We went to Bruges! I thought I'd give a quick photo review! 

First day we went to Markt (the old square) and saw beautiful architecture and had a drink to work out our plan of action

The next day we went for walks to see the gorgeous buildings and rivers.

My boyfriend Sam marching between sight seeing destinations!

Our hotel was called Hotel Navarra, just off Markt and it was gorgeous! It even had a colour changing basement pool!

On our last day we went for an evening walk around the older town, chocolate shops and saw the horses that do rides throughout the town

And we found a really pretty fountain

Brief, but so was our trip. It was a lovely place to go for a romantic long weekend, particularly if you like wondering around looking at pretty things like I do, and sitting around people watching. If you've seen In Bruges you'll love it too! 


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  1. Hi, i love your stripy top where's it from? :)x


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