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11 Jul 2013

Warm Weather Work Clothes

Working as Assistant Psychologists, Becky and I can sometimes have a challenge for what to wear to work. (we called it #APFashionCrisis on twitter!). We have to dress in a way which is smart, but not too smart that service users don't think we're approachable, and not too casual that we're not taken seriously. Also, obviously we can't dress in a way that is too sexy so no shorts, short skirts, strappy tops etc. This is fine in the winter when we can wrap up in black jeans, jumper dresses and cardigans, but in this hot weather it's a real struggle! We came up with what we think are good alternatives for people who have to dress similarly to us for work on a hot day. 

This Vero Moda blouse is on sale at ASOS at the moment for £10 and would make a great choice because although it's sleeveless, it's got a high neckline 

I live in cropped trousers at work in the summer and have a huge colour range! This pair are really good for if you have a meeting in the day but still want to work with service users "on the floor" too. They're £20 from ASOS

Skirts can be dangerous territory - too short and they're inappropriate, while office-staple pencil skirts are too tight and provocative! I love this orange midi-skirt for cool but appropriate wafting around which is £30 from ASOS

I love sheer blouses for keeping cool and wear them all the time (to the point my boyfriend jokes that if it's sheer, I'll buy it). Obviously always with a proper strappy top underneath, but giving that extra covering. This one is on ASOS for £24.99

I also love skater dresses - I have this hummingbird one from ASOS (which has recently been spotted on Taylor Swift! Squeal!) and it's great for work although looks a little short on me because I have gangly long  daddy-long-legs legs. 

Bag wise, I cling onto my satchel like a safety blanket (I have the Leather Satchel Co 12.5 inch in patent oxblood) but this bag would be a great alternative
Any bag I can fit my whole life plus diary into is great in my job! 

As for shoes, I have a weakness for peep-toe flats and regularly drag my boyfriend round Primark to find another pair as they slowly fall apart. I love this pair from ASOS for £22. I like peep toes for work because they protect my feet if there are any incidences of aggression more than flip flops (plus I can escape quickly) but they're still summery. 

Any ideas from people working similar jobs? 

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