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29 Jul 2013

90s Clothing!

I'm going to Emily's 90s themed birthday party next month and needed inspiration for what to wear. (Check out Emily's beautiful Instagram page) so when I was offered help from Brag Vintage I jumped at the chance!

90s clothing is gaining popularity fast and in particular the grunge scene has had everyone reaching for those plaid shirts. The 90s may not seem that far away for some of us, but it’s been over 20 years since we started to see snap bracelets, bucket hats and flashy windbreakers! Denim went crazy in the 90s and we saw all different kinds of effects and styles. Bleached, ripped, baggy, high waisted and customised denim could be seen everywhere!  Crop tops are another 90s fashion statement that has comeback this year and they look great paired with a pair of high waisted jeans.

At the other end of the 90s spectrum was the bright coloured, preppy style. Polo shirts, gypsy tops, floral skirts, scrunchies, headbands and jumpsuits. The majority of these trends have been slightly re styled and can be seen in so many high street stores. Leggings, skinny jeans and oversized jumpers have been popular for a number of years now and it seems people are embracing the 90s in a way that suits them. Despite being made in the 60’s Dr Martens were probably one of the most iconic shoes of the 90s. These boots could be styled with just about anything and gave a rocky edge to any outfit.
Wearing 90s clothing doesn’t have to fill you with dread (like when you remember the time you thought brown lipstick and crimped hair was a good idea!). The key to styling 90s clothing and still looking amazing is to wear pieces that compliment you and the rest of your wardrobe. What are your favourite 90s fashion trends that you would like to see make a comeback?

Plus here's a discount code for all Lauren Loves readers! 
Valid until 1st September 2013

Written by Becky Taylor
Check out the huge range of 90s clothing at Brag Vintage 


27 Jul 2013

Dinner in Bruges OOTN

In Bruges, I went for dinner in Tom's Diner, which sounds like a cheesy American themed diner, but was actually a really lovely restaurant with cocktails and an open kitchen where you could watch the real chefs make dinner.

To the dinner I wore this:

I wore this lovely lace top I was sent from Rebel Rebel clothing which is £20. It has a really nice peplum shape and the lace only covers the front but is fully lined. I also wore my favourite Topshop MOTO Leigh jeans (love the ankle length), Aldo flipflops and my rose gold Casio watch. My nailvarnish is an amazing Marks & Spencer Limited Collection colour number called flame which is the perfect pinky coral for my pale skin tone

25 Jul 2013

We went to Bruges! I thought I'd give a quick photo review! 

First day we went to Markt (the old square) and saw beautiful architecture and had a drink to work out our plan of action

The next day we went for walks to see the gorgeous buildings and rivers.

My boyfriend Sam marching between sight seeing destinations!

Our hotel was called Hotel Navarra, just off Markt and it was gorgeous! It even had a colour changing basement pool!

On our last day we went for an evening walk around the older town, chocolate shops and saw the horses that do rides throughout the town

And we found a really pretty fountain

Brief, but so was our trip. It was a lovely place to go for a romantic long weekend, particularly if you like wondering around looking at pretty things like I do, and sitting around people watching. If you've seen In Bruges you'll love it too! 


22 Jul 2013

The Yearly Birthday Post!

It was my birthday last week! I turned a huge 25 years old and was completely spoilt. My boyfriend and I took the day off and spent it in Bournemouth. We went to the amazing Boscanova for breakfast (I had the veggie cooked breakfast which was delicious. I’m obsessed with halloumi).

I went out in my “stylish gypsy” look (as my boyfriend called it) of a New Look crop top and this Zara maxi skirt I got in the sale last week down to £20. I also wore my new watch, Ted Baker rose gold leaf necklace and Aldo flip flops

I was spoilt with lots of gardening bits and pieces, a new satchel from The Leather Satchel Co for when I start my doctorate in September, some perfume and the rose gold version of my boyfriend’s Casio watch!

We went to Bruges for the weekend so I’ll blog about that later!

17 Jul 2013

What's In My Makeup Bag?

So I wondered if some of the nosier among you might be interested in what's in my makeup bag? I travel backwards and forwards between Portsmouth and Bournemouth all the time to see my boyfriend so have to have a reliable and large makeup stash ready to go! 

This is my Marc Jacobs makeup bag from Harrods and it's gorgeous! Really roomy, with a chunky zip and embroidered with MARC. Plus I love the Marc Jacobs printed lining. Makes me feel very fancy to own something designer! 

My makeup favourites are below:

  • Barbara Dailey foundation powder
  • Liz Earle Bronzer (see review here)
  • Barry M Blusher in Strawberry (see very old, terribly photographed review here)
  • 3 Seventeen lip stains in different colours - perfectly kiss proof! (See review of one of the four I own here)
  • L'Oreal Gel Eyeliner
  • L'Oreal Millionlash mascara (wish I hadn't changed from my telescopic lashes mascara but oh well)
  • Rimmel long lasting nailvarnish
  • Liz Earle lipstick in Heather (review here)
  • Bourjois healthy mix concealer (review here)
  • Some BareMinerals brushes

 Disclaimer - the makeup bag was a PR product

14 Jul 2013

Little White Dress: Summer Party Staple

This weekend my amazing friend Hanah had a summer garden party for Tenovus  - a cancer research charity. Hanah is incredibly clever and does PhD research for them. 

The party was mad hatters tea party themed so I thought I'd go in a vintagey, Alice in Wonderland inspired dress. I found this Sundress on ASOS for £22 and as it's my birthday I got a discount code too!

It has a gorgeous scoop back meaning you can see my scoliosis surgery scar and I had to wear a strapless bra so I could poke the strap down. Being white, it's impossible to wear without a bra so maybe only for small chested girls! I also wore my new Mango cat eye sunglasses which I absolutely adore 

Hanah did amazingly well and managed to raise £1500 to add to the over £3000 she has already raised this year. I'm so proud of her! 

And I got to see my favourite girls!


11 Jul 2013

Warm Weather Work Clothes

Working as Assistant Psychologists, Becky and I can sometimes have a challenge for what to wear to work. (we called it #APFashionCrisis on twitter!). We have to dress in a way which is smart, but not too smart that service users don't think we're approachable, and not too casual that we're not taken seriously. Also, obviously we can't dress in a way that is too sexy so no shorts, short skirts, strappy tops etc. This is fine in the winter when we can wrap up in black jeans, jumper dresses and cardigans, but in this hot weather it's a real struggle! We came up with what we think are good alternatives for people who have to dress similarly to us for work on a hot day. 

This Vero Moda blouse is on sale at ASOS at the moment for £10 and would make a great choice because although it's sleeveless, it's got a high neckline 

I live in cropped trousers at work in the summer and have a huge colour range! This pair are really good for if you have a meeting in the day but still want to work with service users "on the floor" too. They're £20 from ASOS

Skirts can be dangerous territory - too short and they're inappropriate, while office-staple pencil skirts are too tight and provocative! I love this orange midi-skirt for cool but appropriate wafting around which is £30 from ASOS

I love sheer blouses for keeping cool and wear them all the time (to the point my boyfriend jokes that if it's sheer, I'll buy it). Obviously always with a proper strappy top underneath, but giving that extra covering. This one is on ASOS for £24.99

I also love skater dresses - I have this hummingbird one from ASOS (which has recently been spotted on Taylor Swift! Squeal!) and it's great for work although looks a little short on me because I have gangly long  daddy-long-legs legs. 

Bag wise, I cling onto my satchel like a safety blanket (I have the Leather Satchel Co 12.5 inch in patent oxblood) but this bag would be a great alternative
Any bag I can fit my whole life plus diary into is great in my job! 

As for shoes, I have a weakness for peep-toe flats and regularly drag my boyfriend round Primark to find another pair as they slowly fall apart. I love this pair from ASOS for £22. I like peep toes for work because they protect my feet if there are any incidences of aggression more than flip flops (plus I can escape quickly) but they're still summery. 

Any ideas from people working similar jobs? 

10 Jul 2013

Wednesday Wants - Fantasy Birthday Wishlist

It's my birthday next week! It's a long shot, but here's my fantasy birthday wishlist!

Satchel -

I absolutely love The Leather Satchel Co. and the satchel I got for Christmas last year; so when I found out I got on the doctorate course, I ran out and got a new laptop and asked for a bigger work satchel for going between university and placements. These are so versatile, very different and completely gorgeous yet smart enough for work. They also last forever so I can pass them down my family! I have asked for the 14 inch satchel in chestnut brown with a briefcase handle, magnetic fasteners and shoulder strap pad.

Rose gold watch

I’d love this rose gold casio watch - again has the retro charm but modern rose gold and would look gorgeous with work clothes!

Laura Lee ring

These rings are so cute! They are engraved with gorgeous saying such as Love, Forever, to treasure forever and ever and Rien Que Toi, Moi, Nous (nothing but you, me, us) I absolutely love them! They’re a bit awkward to ask for though because it’d be asking someone to literally give their feelings to you, and they’re too romantic to buy for yourself!

Chanel Chance au tendre -
I love my original Chance and when I smelled this gorgeous perfume I was reminded of Marc Jacobs Daisy which I also love.

Tiffany Bracelet

I'm a huge fan of this super chunky bracelet! I have small wrists so think this would look super cool!

Topshop swimsuit

Being a vintage dresser, when I saw this swimsuit in Topshop I was in love! Just got to wait until next pay day... Sob! It’d be so perfect for my holiday to Spain in August.

4 Jul 2013

Ciate Caviar Nails!

Getting my lunch this week, I spotted Marie Claire magazine came with a sparkly freebie! Being a complete magpie I grabbed it and saw it was minis of the Ciate Caviar nailvarnishes in Cookies and Cream and Shooting Star! I've wanted to try caviar nailvarnishes for a while but never stumble across them usually. 

I tried it out that night and here's the results which I am really impressed with! 

from my instagram 

It's so easy to do (although the box didn't explain how you apply them). All you do is put on a thin layer of the base colour, then when it's dried, put on a thick layer on one nail, tip over some of the microbeads and press them into the nailvarnish, then tip another layer on and press. Do this to all the nails and then dab on a clear nailvarnish to hold them on and you have princess nails! I recommend you do this over a bowl to keep the beads that don't get stuck. 

They have lasted really well, 2 days in and a few are missing but it doesn't look too chipped and they get lots of attention! 

Definitely worth an investment in a magazine! 

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