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11 May 2013

Review: Hask Hair Products

A while ago I blogged about Hask Hair Oil which I found in Primark for bargain prices. Since then, Hask sent me lots of products from their range to try out and review further 

I got products from the Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil and Natural Essentials ranges. 

Argan Oil Range - for moisturised hair
These are the ones with the green lids and masks. The masks were really lovely and made my hair super-soft. They had a slightly orangey citrus smell which lasted in my hair, and the argan oil treatment de-tangled, protected my hair from blow-drying and left it feeling really soft. 

The hair oil has become a huge part of my routine, leaving my hair so soft, manageable and smelling delicious, and for £2.99 at Primark it's really affordable too. The little tubes last for ages as you only need a tiny spot of oil and I will continue to use them. 

Macadamia Oil Range - for shiny hair
This hair mask was my absolute favourite! It gave my hair moisture and shine and left it smelling deliciously like cocoa butter until next time I washed it. My hair was really nourished, although not as much as the argan oil range as this is designed to give hair healthy shine (which is always a little lost on blonde hair). 

The hair oil also smelt really nice, but not as intense and doesn't make hair as silky smooth as the argan range. If you're looking for swishy, nourished hair, this isn't the range you want but t smells so good! 

Natural Essentials Range - for naturally nourished hair
This range is for strengthening and repair, but doesn't smell the best (smells very "natural") and the hair oil is a liquid which needs to be shaken as the bits settle meaning it's so hard to apply to hair as it doesn't cling to your hands for application like the oils. This was my least favourite range and didn't give much moisture to my hair - probably the same as Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. 

Overall, I love the hair oil from the argan range at Primark, and I love the macadamia hair masque for the delicious smell and deep conditioning (although you'd have to get it online in the UK). The company also specialises in Placenta and Henna treatments which I'm not sure I'd want to try... the idea of putting placenta in my hair does not appeal! 

Thank you Hask for letting me try these products, and I hope they become more available in the UK soon 

6 May 2013

Barcelona Body Diary - Week 1 of exercise and food

So last week I blogged about the month long Protein challenge Maxitone set me and my exercise plans. So far it's been a really successful week and my photos (which I might show you at the end if I'm feeling brave) have shown progress; as have the scales! 

I've had the boyfriend join me and we've enjoyed some really lovely, healthy meals (which I'll share with you!)

Monday - Mexican Chicken Stew with Couscous and beans. This meal from BBC Good Food is for a spicy chicken stew which really warmed us up. It should be with quinoa but we couldn't find that at our local ASDA so went for couscous instead. It was really filling and tasty but tasty in a "we can tell it's healthy" kind of way. 336 calories per portion apparently. 

Exercise - I did the Sunkissed Abs workout from Tone It Up (and I hurt the next day!) and then went for an hour's walk on the beach

Tuesday - Chicken stir fry (with leftover roast dinner chicken). This was super easy as we'd got home late from work. I just used the remaining chicken left over, bought a bag of rice noodles and stir fry veg, and made my own sauce out of dark soy sauce, honey, chilli flakes and some rice wine vinegar. It was really delicious so I'd definitely make this again. Hardly any calories and so nice. 

Exercise - none today! Too busy getting home late

Wednesday - Tomato and Mozarella Salad from Sainsburys (I was staying in a hotel for an interview so didn't cook). Wasn't particularly inspiring or lovely. Wouldn't get again. 

Exercise - I did the Sunseeker workout from Tone It Up and the abs one again

Thursday - Healthy take on Pulled Pork. I got one of the roast in an hour pulled pork joints from Sainsburys and we had it with sweet potato wedges which were dry roasted, in wholemeal pittas with homemade, low carlories, no fat coleslaw. I made the coleslaw by shredding white cabbage, red onion and grating 2 carrots, then using the slice on the grater to cut up 2 red apples. I mixed it all together with some apple vinegar, lemon juice, and enough fat free Greek yogurt to coat. 

Exercise - had another long walk on the beach today

Friday - TREAT DAY! We had an Indian Takeaway (and I made sure I watched my portion sizes)

Exercise - it was treat day! I'm not working out!

Saturday - Healthy homemade Nandos. Another super-tasty meal! I grilled chicken rubbed in cajun spices, made homemade guacamole (1 avacado, 2 tomatoes, 3 cloves of garlic, red onion and some olive oil, all blended together), had the remaining coleslaw and a piece of grilled halloumi with sweet potato mash (no butter or anything). This was really nice and if you wanted something more, add the burger bun rather than have it without. 

Exercise - Hillmott's Bootcamp! When we got there, we went on a hike for an hour and a half, then a core workout session and stretching session, and then a snack and chat on nutrition. It was really interesting and the instructor taught us a lot about healthy eating - like for example did you know fat free diet foods are actually full of sugar! Apparently when you take away fats, they replace it with sugars and it's sugar which causes weight issues. We were told to go lean and clean, stick with healthy foods which were natural and low in sugar to not cause insulin peaks which cause us to cling on to calories and fat. Also, we all need fats in our diet (think omega 3) so we shouldn't be scared of eating fat when on a diet, but it's about being sensible. We were given meal and snack ideas (like vegetable sticks with hummous or Whole Earth Peanut Butter - which we got to sample and it was delicious). I have a major sweet tooth so was recommended some Total Greek yogurt with a little honey which was really yum! Overall we had a great workout and the personal trainer was very inspiring. It was a great way to kick-start our healthy month. 

Showing the guns

our healthy snack

Sunday - Jambalaya from the Hairy Dieters. This was like a really healthy, spicy Paella! It was really delicious and I would definitely make it again. My favourite of the week. 

Exercise - went for a short walk to the beach... but there happened to be a bar and I may have gotten quite tipsy. 

Monday - No Pastry Quiche. This recipe was made by Liz McClarnon (off of Atomic Kitten) for Handbag.com and was really fresh and delicious. Another easy to make meal, we had it with a huge salad and some more dry roast sweet potato wedges 

Exercise - we did about 5 hours gardening today! Felt like Ground Force and burnt a lot of calories!

Overall I think we've had a really successful healthy eating week and I have high hopes for the rest of the month! 

1 May 2013

Wednesday Wants

So I have no money... ever. I seem to be completely unable to control my bank account at the moment which I think means I need to be paid more! Anyway here’s my round up of my Wednesday Wants for this week

Paperchase Diary
Being a super-fan of anything with birds on, I am obsessed with Paperchase’s range of bird organisers. My canvas filofax is looking pretty dirty now so I’d love one of these shiney ones. I’d particularly love the Paradiso one because I already have the matching makeup  bag!

Beach Trousers
I love these stretchy peg leg trousers, they would be fab over my bikini for a bit of a cover-up and are only £18 from ASOS! Amazing

Maxi Dress
Another ASOS find - this maxi dress looks stunning and comes in black or this gorgeous green. It’s £45 so I’m waiting for a 20% off code. Fingers crossed

Barcelona book

Discover Barcelona looks like something I need to revise! It’s £11.67 (currently) from Amazon and is top of my list for payday!

Paisie Items
I heard of Paisie through the (amazing) Domestic Sluttery blog and want so much! These necklaces
This one is £32

And this red coat is reduced to £40 - I love the 1950s style

Laura Gravestock ring
I LOOOOVE this Laura Gravestock ring in silver or rose gold - silver is around £40, rose gold is about £150!

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