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26 Apr 2013

Crime of Fashion - Cheap Monday Flatforms

I'm a huge fan of Cheap Monday - I love looking at their stuff in Urban Outiftters and wishing I was cool enough to pull off half the stuff they sell. However, these shoes have crossed the line of decency for me! 

Flatforms themselves are a crime of fashion - they look horrendous girls, please! But to add a strange peep toe and some sort of "bumper" like we're playing bumbercars with our feet does just makes them worse! I'm a massive wanna-be hipster but these are not something I'd lust over! Even on the model's feet they look worse! 

If you're a braver girl than me though and want to try them out, they're £65 from Cheap Monday at ASOS. However be warned, these are a 9/10 on the "you look like you ran through a try-hard trendy shop covered in superglue" scale. 

What do you think?! 



  1. Oh dear these are positively awful! I hate how some brands are becoming really try hard at The minute! Xx

  2. Oh god! I think without the peep toe they might be a little better, but thats a big 'MIGHT' x

  3. I think flatforms (nice ones) can be really flattering


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