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18 Apr 2013

Blogging Issues - advice please!

I am really struggling to blog in the traditional sense. It's not that I have no ideas or things to write about - I have ideas in abundance! But I just don't have the time to blog on here and it's distressing me because I'm so proud of this little space! Therefore I was hoping for ideas from other busy bloggers.

(I had a little think about what my blog means to me)

I work full-time, volunteer some evenings and attempt to have friends, a boyfriend and a life so blogging has fallen by the wayside, and yet I'm still bursting to talk about handbags and makeup constantly so miss this outlet! How do you guys cope or what are your tips?

I am still blogging in other ways - I'm on twitter (which is microblogging right?) and I'm obsessed with instagram (I'm @laurenlovesblog which is original) and I'm all about Tumblr at the moment so come find me

Any help would be loved!

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