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30 Apr 2013

Holiday Handbag Picks

In my opinion there are 2 different types of holiday handbags - small ones for sight-seeing or big beach bags for sunbathing! I’m a huge fan of both - here’s my selection of the ones I’d like (both in terms of real-life budget and fantasy budget!)

If you are going on a holiday to London, this bag is perfect! I love the cute London print. Plus it’s only £10! Radley Pulse of London Totebag

Perfect for holiday, this post-card/letter Radley Purse is £69 but is so cute! Fantasy purchase!

I love canvas-y bags for the beach, and in my fantasy world where I could afford £229, I would get this lovely woven Radley bag for sitting on the beach (think floppy hat, huge sunglasses and looking retro!)

This super-cute beach print bag is £12.95 and comes with a little purse (perfect for icecream money!) It reminds me of my childhood in Weymouth!

When it comes to Mango, I have a major problem - it’s my favourite shop ever. This gorgeous blue handbag would be perfect for my holiday to Barcelona and at £19.99 I can’t complain about the cost!

I LOVE this Oasis handbag in canvas - it’s so classic and I could imagine it on a romantic holiday in Paris or St Tropez. It’s £25 and may be my favourite of the lot...

Perfect for holidays - this Cath Kidston shopper style beach bag can be packed away so great for people who only take hand luggage. It’s £28

So they’re my picks for holidays! As you might be able to tell I’m getting super-excited! What's your holiday handbag?

29 Apr 2013

Barcelona Body Challenge with Maxitone - The Beginning

I’m going to Barcelona in June and in an effort to get beach-body ready, I’m upping my fitness. I’m not losing weight but I am toning up and losing the muffin top. If I'm feeling a bit braver later I'll post before and after photos... No promises though.

Last month, Maxitone sent me a voucher for a fitness day (an exercise class and nutrition talk - I’ll share the info when I get it) and some protein powder and a shaker to get me off to a good start. 

I’ve also started following Tone It Up for their weekly exercise regime (plus the photos on their website are total inspiration to get beach fit!)

I’ll be blogging and instagramming about my exercise, food, and on My Fitness Pal to track it all (come find me if you’re joining me - predictably my username is laurenlovesblog)

This week, I’ll be eating super healthy (I’ve discovered 2 boiled eggs for breakfast keeps me going until lunch and the Baxters Stay Full soups at lunchtime, then BBC Good Food recipes for dinner). I’m also totally inspired by Gizzi Eskine's book “Skinny Weeks and Weekend Treats” where you eat 1,500 calories (or the amount calculated by My Fitness Pal) every day except one day a week which is a “treat” day and you can eat more cheeky foods. I can’t function on a healthy diet without being allowed to bake and eat cupcakes once a week!

My exercise plan for this week is:

Monday: Abs workout from Tone It Up!

Tuesday: 20-30 minutes hula hooping

Wednesday: Booty Workout from Tone It Up!

Thursday: 20 minutes on the cross-trainer/static bike

Friday: Toning Workout from Tone It Up!

Saturday: Bootcamp at Hillmotts (thanks Maxitone)

Sunday: Walk on the beach (or a shopping centre...)

plus I’ll be trying to go for a walk every day if I can - I live along the south coast so really should make the most of it.


26 Apr 2013

Crime of Fashion - Cheap Monday Flatforms

I'm a huge fan of Cheap Monday - I love looking at their stuff in Urban Outiftters and wishing I was cool enough to pull off half the stuff they sell. However, these shoes have crossed the line of decency for me! 

Flatforms themselves are a crime of fashion - they look horrendous girls, please! But to add a strange peep toe and some sort of "bumper" like we're playing bumbercars with our feet does just makes them worse! I'm a massive wanna-be hipster but these are not something I'd lust over! Even on the model's feet they look worse! 

If you're a braver girl than me though and want to try them out, they're £65 from Cheap Monday at ASOS. However be warned, these are a 9/10 on the "you look like you ran through a try-hard trendy shop covered in superglue" scale. 

What do you think?! 


23 Apr 2013

OOTD: Denim Skater Skirt

The weekend was beautiful (but a little chilly in the breeze) so this is what I wore

Warehouse leopard cardigan
Topshop strappy top
Miss Selfridge denim skater skirt 
Primark shoes and tights

I love this skirt, it's so flattering and goes with loads of stuff. It's also a very soft jegging-style fabric so smooths over bumps and drapes really nicely. 

I'm trying to get back into outfit posting, because obviously I'm still wearing clothes but not making the effort to photo them! Stick with me people! 

21 Apr 2013

My week in photos

I got my phone back on Thursday last week so I'm going a little photo-mad on Instagram at the moment!

Here's my photos of the week

I'm usually scared of dogs, but this is Crumpet who I fell in love with. I think I'm currently saying "ah, I wish I had a dog" at least once a day. Sorry to my cat Button! 

I found this mug in Tesco for only £4 and thought I needed it!

My boyfriend and I started a herb window box (lovely box from Ikea). We're growing oregano, garlic chives and parsley. The oregano has started sprouting!

We have about a month until Barcelona so trying to eat healthily but still want to eat burgers, so I made grilled chicken burgers with homemade guacamole. It was delicious! My recipe is put 1 soft avocado  2 tomatoes, 1 red onion, 3 cloves of garlic and some olive oil and lemon juice in a blender and press go! 

I posted this on Friday of my hair (all to one side with a french pleat to keep it out the way - check my video for a guide). The little bit of my scar peeping out started lots of questions about scoliosis rolling into my Tumblr  so I posted this picture of my scoliosis spinal fusion scar.

Here's my scoliosis spinal fusion story if you're interested 

I spent the weekend with my boyfriend in Bournemouth and the weather was lovely so we spent the whole day walking. My freckles are starting to come back! I love spring. 

I followed a Gordon Ramsey recipe for steak and healthy chips. 

We went to Yo! Sushi at the weekend. I had a whole fried soft shell crab (which is super brave for me because I never eat shellfish. I was very proud). 

We went to London for some sightseeing and went to Bubbledogs for lunch. Bubbledogs was amazing - we ordered the Fourth of July (bacon wrapped with smokey BBQ sauce and coleslaw), New Yorker (with grilled sauerkraut or NY street cart onions or both) and  Sloppy Joe (chilli, onions, and cheese) as well as the sweet potato fries and some champagne. It was so delicious we didn't get a chance to take photos. We then went to the Hummingbird Bakery for a red velvet and black bottom cupcake (yum) and came home. 

I bought some wedge trainers from Primark! I originally wanted the Nike version in beige on beige but they were about £80 (I fell in love with them in London) so the next day I went to Primark and got these. They're not my usual style so thought I'd be over them before I could justify how much they'd cost me!

18 Apr 2013

Blogging Issues - advice please!

I am really struggling to blog in the traditional sense. It's not that I have no ideas or things to write about - I have ideas in abundance! But I just don't have the time to blog on here and it's distressing me because I'm so proud of this little space! Therefore I was hoping for ideas from other busy bloggers.

(I had a little think about what my blog means to me)

I work full-time, volunteer some evenings and attempt to have friends, a boyfriend and a life so blogging has fallen by the wayside, and yet I'm still bursting to talk about handbags and makeup constantly so miss this outlet! How do you guys cope or what are your tips?

I am still blogging in other ways - I'm on twitter (which is microblogging right?) and I'm obsessed with instagram (I'm @laurenlovesblog which is original) and I'm all about Tumblr at the moment so come find me

Any help would be loved!
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