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7 Mar 2013

Review: SBC Skincare

Simply Beautiful Collection or SBC Skincare, is not a brand I'd heard of before I was contacted by Designer Beauty asking if I'd review them. Being very nervous of new skincare, I had a quick look and found that they are a collection of simple, natural skincare gels containing superfoods and are not tested or derived from animals; and they are water-based so good for spot-prone skin like mine.

I was sent the 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing & Toning Gel, and the Superfruits Raspberry and Cranberry Skincare Gel.

SBC 3 in 1 Complete Cleansing & Toning Gel - £6.99
I was initally a little dubious about trying this - I know 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners are never the answer, so assumed that lumping together some of my skincare routine would also be a no-no, but in the interest of being a fair blogger, I tried this with an open mind. Being hugely lazy and spending half my life at my boyfriend's flat, this went down really well! It's super simple to use, just squirt some on a cotton pad, wipe over face and then use another one (or the back of the pad) to remove makeup and products. This handy gel removes makeup, cleanses, removes eye makeup and leaves my skin refreshed and calmed, which is amazing considering I have very sensitive skin! After 2 weeks of using, I haven't had any breakouts and am seriously considering buying the bigger bottle for £14.50. This product is great to have around if you're travelling or for in your drawer to remove makeup after a long day if you're feeling lazy. A huge hit - plus is apparently makes me smell like holidays!

SBC Superfruits Raspberry and Cranberry Skin Care Gel - £7.95
This gel is created for very dry and neglected skin, and again is a water-based moisturising gel. I tend to get very oily skin so handed it straight over to my dry-skinned boyfriend who really loved it! The gel formula means it soaks in really quickly and doesn't get caught in boy's stubble so is perfect for guys who enjoy "designer stubble". Also, it's a lovely cooling gel with a delicious fruity scent so is perfect for sensitive, dry skin which needs a boost. It's not the kind of product I'd buy again with my skin type, but apparently my boyfriend is converted to gel moisturisers!



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