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26 Mar 2013

Holiday Purchases - part 1

I may have mentioned this a few times on Twitter but in June I'm going to Barcelona! I'm going for 5 nights with my boyfriend and we're staying on the beach but within walking distance to the culture and life of town! I'm incredibly excited! In preparation, I'm buying myself a couple of little wardrobe treats each month in the run up. This month I've purchased:

French Connection stripey bikini in the sale at ASOS. This bikini is fairly itsy-bitsy but very flattering for my bodyshape and I love the colours. Great for tanning too! I'm definitely doubling up on hula-hooping in the run up for this one

I was hoping for everyone's opinions on this one please - this swimsuit from ASOS is £30 and very classic (and good for too much tapas days or swimming) but is it a bit boring. 

I love anything Mango do! This dress is £22.99 from ASOS and is perfect for day-to-night. It is very flattering and makes me look small round the waist so I love it, plus I love the colours too. 

What are your recommendations for holiday wear this year? 


  1. I really like the swim suit! It's very classic and I like the neckline and belt detail. Something you can keep for a while as it won't go out of fashion xxx

  2. that black swimsuit is really nice! if you're gonna spend alot, get one that will really last.

    love that mango dress too! im gonna check it out now!

    re: holiday wear - when i go on holiday, in the summer mostly, i LIVE in denim shorts. absolute summer wardrobe staple :)

  3. I think the black swimsuit isn't too plain. It's got a nice classic style and you could make it stand out more with some styling - eg. I'd sit by the pool with a layer of matte red lipstick looking glam in that one!



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