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26 Mar 2013

Holiday Purchases - part 1

I may have mentioned this a few times on Twitter but in June I'm going to Barcelona! I'm going for 5 nights with my boyfriend and we're staying on the beach but within walking distance to the culture and life of town! I'm incredibly excited! In preparation, I'm buying myself a couple of little wardrobe treats each month in the run up. This month I've purchased:

French Connection stripey bikini in the sale at ASOS. This bikini is fairly itsy-bitsy but very flattering for my bodyshape and I love the colours. Great for tanning too! I'm definitely doubling up on hula-hooping in the run up for this one

I was hoping for everyone's opinions on this one please - this swimsuit from ASOS is £30 and very classic (and good for too much tapas days or swimming) but is it a bit boring. 

I love anything Mango do! This dress is £22.99 from ASOS and is perfect for day-to-night. It is very flattering and makes me look small round the waist so I love it, plus I love the colours too. 

What are your recommendations for holiday wear this year? 

23 Mar 2013

March so far in Photos

One of my resolutions was to take more photos, and until now I've been doing really well. However sadly my phone has gone into repair this week so I'm photo-free until my boyfriend comes back from his Mum's with his phone tonight. Boo! Here's a selection of my favourites from the past few weeks.

I went out last weekend for my friend's birthday - it was vintage 1950s themed so I wore my silk print skater dress from Love @ Topshop (they still do it in plain green here)

I was a pirate for Red Nose Day! The service users in the company baked cakes and made over £150!

Got a new phone cover on eBay (although no phone so a bit useless at the moment!)

and I baked! 
  • Chocolate chip and oat cookies (recipe here)
  • Black and white chocolate cheesecake brownies (recipe here)
  • Jaffa cakes - not very pretty but tasty! (recipe here) How they stop the hot chocolate from melting the jelly and sliding off I don't know
  • 150 calorie chocolate mousse (recipe here)
  • Creme Egg cupcakes (recipe here)

and I went back to my home of Brighton for a day trip and went to Choccywoccydoodah for a cup of hot chocolate and slice of cake!

15 Mar 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

I'm sure you would have seen on loads of other blogs, but Google Reader is disappearing! This means we can't read a huge list of our favourite blogs anymore and some bloggers are suggesting this means Google Friend Connect (aka our follower numbers) are going to disappear too. Not great news right? I'm assuming it's all part of trying to get people onto Google+ like when they removed Google Friend Connect from non-blogger blogs a couple of years ago. Boo

Anyway there's a solution! If you're on Bloglovin you can keep your favourite blogs and gather readers through there.

How to get Bloglovin

Firstly, if you're not a member, go to Bloglovin and sign in using your email or Facebook, then go to this link and import all the blogs you follow from your regular RSS reader. If you want to put your blog on their also, go to "claim blog", enter your blog address and click go! It will generate a code which you need to copy and paste into an HTML box on your sidebar and you're registered to go!

There are also options to get follow buttons for your side bars to encourage readers to sign up, again just click the button you want and copy and paste the HTML code.

While you're there, please also follow my blog on Bloglovin

Another positive is it gives a quick to load (my Google Reader took ages) and pretty list of blogs, it's easy to read and works well on my kindle and phone (although I have an android so waiting on the app). 

I was pretty annoyed when I heard that followers might disappear, but as my boyfriend said, it's our chance to work really hard on our blogs, build up our follower numbers again and make a fresh start. 

Good luck girls!

14 Mar 2013

Crimes of Fashion: Pugly Face

I got a tweet from awesome blogger Shivvy from Shivvy Shops last week saying she'd seen this and thought of my crimes of fashion posts, here's her find. Thanks Shivvy

The Mountain on ASOS seem to do a range of animal tshirts, her particular favourite being a huge pug's face!

The Mountain - £22 (is the model looking horrified that she's pictured wearing such a crime?)

It's pretty horrific, I love the idea that at a quick glance the model kind of looks naked (and wrinkly) other than some sort of huge black blob in the middle of her stomach and some eyes as droopy boobs! I know I'm a lover of classic, feminine fashion so I'm not the most crazy adventurous but this is a step too far! 

It also comes in Meerkat (very trendy) 

Or cheeky monkey face...

Are these your perfect new PJs? Next fancy dress outfit? 

10 Mar 2013

Review: EOS Lipbalm

The other day I was sent an Eos lipbalm in pomegranate and raspberry from Designer-Beauty - I've not tried the but obviously read all about them on other blogs, and with bloggers raving about them I was very excited. I've often been let down by lipbalms, with them moisturising for about 10 minutes and then wearing off. 

The balm comes in a sphere, which you unscrew to find the balm

The balm is spherical, so is really easy to apply without using your fingers (great for girls with false nails!) and smells delicious - really fruity. 

The balm itself is lovely quality, it lasts for ages and leaves my lips really hydrated and soft - even when I was particularly suffering last weekend with dry, flaky lips this saved me! I am so impressed with it. I tend to have problems with petroleum based lipbalms not lasting long and leaving my lips dehydrated after application but this has no petroleum or parobens and is amazing. I really rate this product

Eos lipbalms come in loads of flavours and cost £6.95


7 Mar 2013

Review: SBC Skincare

Simply Beautiful Collection or SBC Skincare, is not a brand I'd heard of before I was contacted by Designer Beauty asking if I'd review them. Being very nervous of new skincare, I had a quick look and found that they are a collection of simple, natural skincare gels containing superfoods and are not tested or derived from animals; and they are water-based so good for spot-prone skin like mine.

I was sent the 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing & Toning Gel, and the Superfruits Raspberry and Cranberry Skincare Gel.

SBC 3 in 1 Complete Cleansing & Toning Gel - £6.99
I was initally a little dubious about trying this - I know 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners are never the answer, so assumed that lumping together some of my skincare routine would also be a no-no, but in the interest of being a fair blogger, I tried this with an open mind. Being hugely lazy and spending half my life at my boyfriend's flat, this went down really well! It's super simple to use, just squirt some on a cotton pad, wipe over face and then use another one (or the back of the pad) to remove makeup and products. This handy gel removes makeup, cleanses, removes eye makeup and leaves my skin refreshed and calmed, which is amazing considering I have very sensitive skin! After 2 weeks of using, I haven't had any breakouts and am seriously considering buying the bigger bottle for £14.50. This product is great to have around if you're travelling or for in your drawer to remove makeup after a long day if you're feeling lazy. A huge hit - plus is apparently makes me smell like holidays!

SBC Superfruits Raspberry and Cranberry Skin Care Gel - £7.95
This gel is created for very dry and neglected skin, and again is a water-based moisturising gel. I tend to get very oily skin so handed it straight over to my dry-skinned boyfriend who really loved it! The gel formula means it soaks in really quickly and doesn't get caught in boy's stubble so is perfect for guys who enjoy "designer stubble". Also, it's a lovely cooling gel with a delicious fruity scent so is perfect for sensitive, dry skin which needs a boost. It's not the kind of product I'd buy again with my skin type, but apparently my boyfriend is converted to gel moisturisers!


4 Mar 2013

Crime of Fashion - Bikini Alert

Bikinis are hard to get right, right ladies? I've just booked a holiday to Barcelona and so my quest to find a gorgeous bikini (and hula-hoop my stomach into it) has just begun. On my adventures through online-shopping however I found this incredible crime of beach fashion

Unsure if it's just me, or was your first thought on seeing the bikini bottoms... period?! 

I'm afraid it's not a strong look - I'm going to keep searching! Any recommendations? 

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