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2 Feb 2013

How to: Make your own lip scrub

Lush lip scrubs are currently in all beauty blogger makeup bags, but at around £6 for a tiny pot, they can be quite expensive so here's my guide to making your own.

You will need:
 - A pretty jar or tin - I used the little jar from my travel bottles set (£1.50 from Primark)
 - enough soft brown sugar to almost fill it
 - honey
 - flavouring (I used vanilla)

Step 1: Pour enough brown sugar to fill your container, then pour it into a mixing bowl

Step 2: Add enough honey to get a really thick consistency, but not too runny. Think paste-like texture

Step 3: Mix in a few drops of your flavouring. I've used vanilla here from Nielsen-Massey

Step 4: Scrub and then lick off! Then use a lovely lip balm to seal in the moisture

Disclaimer - I was sent the flavourings for review, but they're really awesome and I've used them in a lot of stuff. I made hot chocolate the other day and put a tiny bit of vanilla in for an amazing flavour; and when I made Hummingbird Bakery blueberry cupcakes at the weekend the vanilla paste added hugely!


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  1. Add the coconut oil to petroleum jelly if you need a more substantial treatment for extra dry lips.


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