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7 Jan 2013

Spending Ban!

I'm on a spending ban!

I know other bloggers talk about this sometimes but I'm joining in the bandwagon and I'm on a spending ban until March. I'm totally broke already and it's only the beginning of the month (I got paid about 2 weeks ago, then my boiler broke and I had lots of unexpected costs including Christmas... I need to budget!).

This means I won't buy unnecessary items, I'll try to note down everything I spend for the next 2 months and will try to save money! 

I will not buy any makeup, unnecessary beauty products, clothes, accessories, books, stationary, items in sales (no matter how cheap!). I will obviously buy essentials like food, necessary beauty products etc but will try my best to be good with money! I'll give you an update in a few weeks on how it's going. 

Have any of you done spending bans before? What are your tips? 

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  1. Good idea, I'm doing that too! Always leave your cards at home when you go shopping and only take the cash you need to buy essentials. Great Blog, now following and we would love for you to pop over yo ours and take a look. X



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