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25 Jan 2013

How to get big hair using the ghd Air Hairdryer (and a review)

My number 1 favourite hair tool of the last year (and maybe forever) is the ghd Air Hairdryer. I was sent this to review and was blown away (excuse any puns). It’s an amazing hairdryer cutting frizz and drying times.

Whenever I read hairdryer blurb, I always think “yeah whatever, the technology locks in moisture, cuts frizz etc” because it’s hard to believe. However I actually take back what I said when I once said “all hairdryers are the same”. The ghd Air boasts a super-powerful 2,100W motor, ionic technology which locks in moisture and cuts frizz, variable temperatures and speeds as well as a cool shot (which actually gets really cool unlike most other hairdryers I’ve owned) 2 sizes of nozzles and a really long cord. 

There are 2 temperature options and 2 speed options as well as a cool button (not shown), making hairstyling really easy

The results - 
I have very long, fine hair with lots of whispy baby hairs which get annoyingly frizzy and curly. I have to be honest I was so surprised when I first used this and my baby hairs on my forehead were flat and smooth without loads of product and hairspray! It also makes blowdrying hair straight and smooth really easy due to the shaped nozzles so I haven’t needed to straighten my hair for a smooth texture.

How to get big hair - styling guide

You will need:
- Hairdryer
- Volumising mousse and blowdry spray. My favourites are Got2b sexy mousse and VO5 volumising sprays
- Medium sized Velcro rollers - I use 2 packs from Primark which cost £1.50
- Vent brush

Step 1. Separate hair into 2 sections, upper and lower from around the ears. Apply the products to the lower section throughout hair to the ends and comb through. Repeat for the upper sections ensuring there is an even amount of product throughout.

Step 2. Attach wide nozzle. Dry your fringe normally (if you have one)

Step 3. Tip head upside-down and dry hair, focussing on the roots, until it is completely dry.

Step 4. Now attach the narrow nozzle. Section off hair starting from the nape of the neck in 1 inch thick sections. Split this into sections as wide as each roller. Using the vent brush, dry each section aiming the hairdryer down the shaft of the hair until completely dry. Quickly wrap a roller into the section while the hair is still hot and pin if necessary. Once you’ve completed a whole row, blast them on the lowest speed, hottest temperature. Repeat this process working up the head until you get to the front. If you have thick hair or a lot of it like me, you will need a couple of packets of rollers.

Step 5. If you don’t have time to wait, blast the whole head with cold hair on the lowest speed setting until your hair feels cold - the cool shot sets the style ensuring it lasts. If you have time to wait around and watch tv, leave the rollers in until hair has cooled.

Step 6. Take out the rollers and gently brush hair through. Taking sections from the crown, gently backcomb hair and then brush out slightly when the whole crown and front section has been backcombed.

The hairdryer costs £99, but with many hairdryers not lasting when it comes to my super-long hair getting tangled, it’s worth the investment if you have the money. It beats my other hairdryers by miles. (I have 3 others, don’t judge me! I could never find a good one!)



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