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28 Nov 2012

Wednesday Wants: Christmas Edition

It's getting excitingly near Christmas so I thought this week's Wednesday Wants could help give ideas (for both buying presents and what to ask for!)

A gorgeous satchel
I love the Leather Satchel Co. Apparently the originals (more than The Cambridge Satchel Co) they offer loads of different sizes, leathers, colours and options such as poppers and briefcase handles.

I want the 12.5 inch in either red or loch blue. I can't decide... help!

This size is £78 without any extras. What colour though?! I also love the pastel ones but that might be my birthday request in July!

Large Rose Gold Watch
Like every other blogger, I'm in love with the Michael Kors watches, but at around £200 they're not cheap!

but for £25, this River Island watch is a great match!

Cute Pyjamas
Because I'm completely obsessed with Zooey Dechanel in New Girl, I also have come to realise I need more cute PJs. I love this pair of rose print ones from Boux Avenue

Furry Headband
I LOOOOVE this Oasis faux fur headband for keeping my ears warm. It'd look great with a vintage beehive poking out the top and lots of eyeliner!

New case for my phone

Pugs and Kisses - £4.99

Aztec case - £2.99


  1. Love the pugs and kisses case and the red satchel! Those furry headbands are so warm too!


  2. I'm desperate for a pale pink Cambridge Satchel but these ones look much more affordable so thank you for the heads up! xo

  3. I love your taste – it’s sort of similar to mine – especially when it comes to watches – I prefer metal straps over leather – and rose gold metal case with matching strap, is irresistibly good. Well, even though I am an Online Essay Writer, and I don’t earn millions, I still like to invest in quality timepieces. I think I should follow your blog for more style inspiration.

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