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21 Nov 2012

Date Night Review!

Thanks to a generous offer from Ladbrokes, some bloggers were offered a chance for a dinner and cinema date night to see James Bond's Skyfall. I was super-excited to take up the offer, I really wanted to see Skyfall after hearing all the rave reviews on Radio 1 and from my friends on Facebook. 

Me and James...

I went to Vue cinema to see it

The film: 
The film was all-action, explosive and contained lots of nods to the old James Bond films in a tongue-in-cheek way. I don't want to give away too much because there are a couple of people left in the world who haven't seen it, but I'll say it was visually stunning, intense and had lots of funny scenes. After seeing Casino Royale I was expecting more grittyness and less of the cheese of former James Bonds but there were lots of great references to the older films. 

We then went to Zizzi for some dinner. 

I had the new Cichetti which was lots of small dishes like tapas. I had the Spiedini di Pollo (chicken skewers), Saccottini (mini calzone), Insalata Caprese, Steak Tagliata and Aubergine Involtini. It was all so exciting and delicious, I kind of forgot to take any photos... However I remembered by pudding time! 

I had torta cioccolata - a hazlenut and chocolate tart; and grissini e cioccolata - delicious dough sticks with honey, nuts and chocolate sauce

so delicious...

We also ordered coffee to feel fancy, but neither of us like coffee so we're not sure why... Probably because of the delicious pink wine we'd had during the meal!

I had a great date night, and would definitely recommend people wanting a great date to go for it! A big thanks to Ladbrokes for the tickets!


  1. I love a good date night, and I've also been known to order a coffee thinking it made me super-sophis... I hate coffee... the 'eugh' face isn't very sophisticated at all! cringe! I also blamed the wine ;) x

  2. You live in/near Amazingstoke? I moved here almost a year ago from Scotland (to work in the hospital. Still don't think i've really settled in though :( Least festival place has good shops!

    Anna x

  3. I'm afraid I don't live near - I live in Portsmouth. But I have to go to Reading once a week(ish) for work so often come home via a yummy dinner at Festival Place! I'm desperate to go there at a weekend for Christmas shopping, the shops always look amazing but closed once I get there xxx


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