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15 Oct 2012

Review: Tigi Bedhead Epic Volume Styleshots

I know a lot of people won't believe me, but I think a good shampoo makes a huge difference to hair. I'm currently using Tigi's Bed Head Epic Volume Styelshots which I think is Tigi's old Superstar range rebranded. It is made to create volumous hair but doesn't use Sodium Laureth Sulphate which is great for me because I react quite badly to it! 
The shampoo promises lift, cleaning and stopping hair going flat.

and the conditioner is light so it doesn't weight down hair after putting all the volume in with shampoo!

I love this! My favourite points are that the products smell like strawberries and leave your hair smelling fruity and delicious for ages afterwards. The conditioner isn't very moisturising but doens't leave hair dry in any way and you get used to it!
The shampoo doesn't foam as much as a regular shampoo because it doesn't contain the foaming agent so it takes while to get used to and to be convinced I've washed my hair properly!
I bought the two-pack for around £35 and you get a huge salon size so it's great value. Also the products last for ages so I'll definitely be re-purchasing.



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