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31 Oct 2012

Review: New Look Shaper Jeans OOTD

New Look's new range of Shaper Jeans promise to help you "cheat your way into perfect shape" by making us all look more skinny and making bums more pert! Obviously these had to be tried! The range comes in boot cut, straight leg, high wasited, skinny and super skinny cuts so there's a style for everyone. I tried out the 34inch mid blue super skinny shapers jeans - a bargain at £22.99.

 As you can see they are super-tight and really suck you in; but they have quite a high wasit too so you don't get too much of a muffin-top. The jeans are shaded in a way to make your thighs look super-slim and it sucks my bum in so much I don't even really have one anymore (see the last picture). However they do take ages to put on properly so factor that in when getting dressed in the morning and they are so tight it can be uncomfortable sitting down for long periods! However if you want the super-super-skinny look without wearing jeggings and feel you need some support then these are an absolute wardrobe must!
I'd definitely recommend trying them out, especially the really dark wash pair with some killer heels for a night out!

Sorry for the quality of the photos - I didn't have my camera on me!


23 Oct 2012

Sponsored Video: Kate Moss for Rimmel – Matte Lipstick

The Kate Moss lipsticks for Rimmel have been a huge hit among bloggers, so now for autumn/winter she has created a range of matte lipsticks created too! I love some of the other Kate Moss lipsticks in the range, so looking forwards to trying a matte lipstick which is unexplored territory for me!
Deep berry colours and matte textures are going to be big news in the colder months, and in the video below, Kate Moss is wearing shade 107 which is definitely on trend for the coming months.


Sponsored video

 I love a deep berry red, and would definitely recommend wearing it in the daytime with lashings of black mascara and letting the lips stand out, but then with a vintage black liquid eyeliner flick in the nighttimes. I also love a deep berry lipstick with a navy blue or deep purple dress like in this look because deep colours are the new black this year according to catwalks! I also love the idea of a matte fuchsia shade of lipstick with bright blue colours –you have to love colour clashing!

 I’ve always been scared of using matte lipsticks because I suffer with dry lips, but having tried a couple of the Kate Moss lipsticks before, I’m hoping they’re just as moisturising and long-lasting. Other bloggers have described them as more “satin”and moisturising than a true matte which puts me at ease!

From the 19th October, Rimmel and Glamour Magazine (http://unr.ly/Wd6ivU), are running a giveaway for the launch. The main prize is for a £150 Rimmel hamper, but there are also 100 Kate Moss matte lipsticks to be won too. I can always do with some new makeup so it’s worth entering!

This post is sponsored by Rimmel, but I thought you’d be interested!

16 Oct 2012

Review: Vivo liquid eyeliner in brown

I was browsing through Tesco last month and stumbled across Vivo Cosmetics - a counter full of bargains! I knew for £1.50 I had to buy a couple of eyeliners and decided on a bronze/brown to change up my normal routine of black 60s style eyeliner. (The website says they're £2 but I'm pretty sure I paid £1.50).
It is a gorgeous bronze with a metallic edge, but not too much that you couldn't wear it everyday - I actually think it makes a more subtle daytime look and really brings out the green in my eyes.
The brush is a really long, thin one which applies really well and can give great variation from a fat line to a really skinny one. The handle on the brush is really long so you get good control over the eyeliner and the bristles don't splay out making application much easier.
Here's how it looks on. I've got it on the upper and lower lash line 

The colour is really lovely, very subtle but makes your eyes stand out. The colour also lasts all day and doesn't fade or flake off like cheap liquid eyeliners. It comes in a range of shades if black and brown aren't your thing including silver and a glittery black for the party season. Definitely check this makeup range out when you're next getting your Tesco shop!


15 Oct 2012

Review: Tigi Bedhead Epic Volume Styleshots

I know a lot of people won't believe me, but I think a good shampoo makes a huge difference to hair. I'm currently using Tigi's Bed Head Epic Volume Styelshots which I think is Tigi's old Superstar range rebranded. It is made to create volumous hair but doesn't use Sodium Laureth Sulphate which is great for me because I react quite badly to it! 
The shampoo promises lift, cleaning and stopping hair going flat.

and the conditioner is light so it doesn't weight down hair after putting all the volume in with shampoo!

I love this! My favourite points are that the products smell like strawberries and leave your hair smelling fruity and delicious for ages afterwards. The conditioner isn't very moisturising but doens't leave hair dry in any way and you get used to it!
The shampoo doesn't foam as much as a regular shampoo because it doesn't contain the foaming agent so it takes while to get used to and to be convinced I've washed my hair properly!
I bought the two-pack for around £35 and you get a huge salon size so it's great value. Also the products last for ages so I'll definitely be re-purchasing.


11 Oct 2012

Crime of Fashion: Shoe Sock Boots?

Another amazing crime of fashion today, spotted by one my best friends Emma (well done!)

Ever put on your work shoes and thought "I'll sew my socks to my shoes, these will make great boots". Nope, nobody else either. These £340 boots (!) are from Robert Clergerie at ASOS so look out for the sales if you want them.

7 Oct 2012

Crimes of Fashion: world's most crazy dress?

Browsing ASOS for some work dresses, I came across this amazing dress!

Words have failed me yet again. It's called the Miss Francesca Couture Deep V Prom Dress and it's a shocking £260! I don't even know where to start with the bitching about it - the crazy shoulders? The massively deep V neck? The skirt which makes her look like a Barbie-obsessed 5 year old dressed her (and then cut several inches off the length of the skirt)? THE LONG SLEEVES?!
All in all, I think you'll agree this dress is a shocker, which is why it delights me so much they also do it in leopard print!
In both photos, even the model is thinking "I'm going ironic with my facial expressions, then the people shopping will understand I didn't choose this dress".


2 Oct 2012

My TK Maxx winter coat!

The weather is turning, and loads of us are starting to think of getting a winter coat so I thought I'd show you my new TK Maxx item
This is the Reiss Cherie Ovoid Coat in Kingfisher and it's so thick and gorgeous!! I love the over-sized "boyfriend" look. It was originally £275 but TK Maxx had it for £99! I know for a lot of people, the idea of hunting through TK Maxx is daunting (although it is my mum and I's favourite shop!), but they have loads of coats and jackets online which makes the shopping process much easier for those people! They also have loads of new stuff all the time so you have to keep checking back!

Coat - c/o TK Maxx
Jeggings - Marks & Spencer
Shoes - Primark
Hair bow band - Matalan
What are you cosying up in this winter? I'm in love with this coat - it's so thick and well made. I guess that's what you get when you buy an expensive coat (at a cheaper price!)
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