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22 Sept 2012

London Fashion Weekend Opening Show with Tulisa!

On Thursday I was lucky enough to go to London's Fashion Weekend opening day. My best friend won us tickets with Vodafone (she's a great best friend)

We had tickets for the discount shopping, VIP fashion show and a goodie bag

What to wear to a fashion event was a huge dilemma! I settled on this outfit as I heard gothic looks were in, and there were lots of girls wearing leather skirts, shorts and leggings. I'm sooooo glad I didn't wear heels though because the shopping area was huge.

Leather miniskirt - vintage
Leopard loafers - Primark
Cape - New Look
Clip on Earrings - Jon Richard at Debenhams
We got some goodie bags which had little bits like a bottle of coke, small moisturiser, pair of knickers (!), mirror and other items. It was also designed by Mulberry!

The catwalk show started at 8pm and it was RAMMED! There was a great atmosphere, although I did get upset when a security guy tried to split Sarah and I up!
Then Tulisa came on and sang a set. She said she had tonsilitis but she was fantastic! I was doubtful before I went along but she can really belt them out. I loved her dress, but not so much what the backing singers were dressed in. To find out more about her dress and set, I think this news article sums it up well!
The fashion show
Here are some of the looks I was most interested in for A/W 2012

Navy - there was lots of navy blue and deep purple rather than black for dresses which made a refreshing change. Lots of either very sleek or very over-exaggerated shapes also.

Wools! I love a woolen coat and there were lots of them, and wool trousers too. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some herringbone wool trousers now.

Prints - I loved this mad 70s print dress

Gothic - there were lots of brocade patterns and gothic looks in the show, including on the back of tights.

Volume - I loved the volumous dresses and puffball skirts, with layers of sheer and different textures, also feeding into the gothic look


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  1. Looks like you both had a lovely time.


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