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21 Sept 2012

Charity Bingo Experience

Last month I was asked if I wanted toplay bingofor charity. Of course I said yes and selected the fab Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Servicewhich is a local, very worthy charity near me.

It was incrediby girly with the bingo calls being related to fashion, shoes and wine! and there was a small community of people chatting which was quite fun to get involved in. There were lots of "rooms" with different games in and cheap tickets from free, to 5p to £2 so lots of variety!

What I hadn't realised about online bingo was that you don't have to click the numbers as they are called out - I was feeling very anxious at first that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the calls, but they select themselves which means the whole process is really easy. This also means that you can buy LOADS of tickets and have a higher chance of winning! I played for an hour or so overall over a few weekends and overall won £15! Some people were winning loads too which was quite impressive (like £30 per game for the cheaper games I went for). I was hoping to win big for PARCS but sadly I didn't manage!

Have you ever played online bingo? It's definitely an experience you have to try!

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