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27 Sep 2012

Review: September 2012 Joliebox

This is my first beauty box, after hearing the hype about them every month, I was excited to be offered a trial of the Joliebox (who have just joined up with the original beauty box - the Birch Box in America)

The box is really pretty, and contains a little drawstring bag with products inside. It also contains a little magazine with some bargains in and discounts (although one is only usable if you live in or near London which annoyed me a little). There are other bloggers saying the box is a different design every month but this time it's apparently the same as last month's. This isn't something that bothers me though.

This week's box contained

- Balmi lip balm
- I Love... facemask
- Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion
- Twistband hair bands
- Dr Bragi exfoliator samples
Balmi Lip Balm in mint
This lip balm is my favourite item in the box. I have an "addiction" to lipbalms and use them constantly, but am a nightmare for using them at home and forgetting to put them back in my handbag so I spend forever asking to borrow Becky's ones! However this one has a little keyring part on so I now have it attached to my keys! Perfect. The balm itself leaves lips tingling and is very moisturising. This item is full-size rather than a sample and contains a lot. It's £4.99 normally so that's half the cost of the box already
Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant

I haven't tried these yet, but these little pouches contain some exfoliator which is apparently made from marine extracts.
I love... Coconut face mask
This product looks really nice, and says it should be moisturising. I've not tried it yet as I have really sensitive skin and am scared it could cause spots! Maybe skin products aren't something I'll look forwards to in a beauty box!
Twistband hair bands
From the last few reviews I've read, there seems to be a hair product in each box which I love. However I was a little confused this month. When I initially got these out I thought they looked like tied up ribbons, but after reading the information it appears that they are special hairbands which shouldn't leave lines and bumps in your hair after it's been tied up all day. This seems like a great idea for if you're going out after work. I'm still not 100% sure I would wear them for formal events or important work meetings because they do look a little like I made them. I'll let you know if they live up to the claims!
Redken Straightening Lotion

I'm excited by this product! I have naturally dead straight hair but this blow dry lotion, which comes in a generous sample size, made my hair feel more silky after blowdrying. Personally I wouldn't buy this again as I have straight hair but I imagine it's great for people who have wavy or frizzy hair. I'd not tried Redken before but know some hairdresser friends who rave about the range so maybe I might try some more in the future - especially if they smell like this!

The Joliebox is £10 a month, plus £2.95 p&p. It's a nice little "treat" for yourself once a month if you can afford to budget for this and I love the element of surprise - what are you going to get every month?! I'm also excited by the collaboration with Birchbox which will hopefully "up" the products we get!

24 Sep 2012

Review: Liz Earle Signature Lip Colour in Heather

I was sent the new Liz Earle signature lip colour in Heather last week to review, and as a quick summary - it's fab!
As with all the Liz Earle colour products, the packaging is subtle blue with slight sparkle and very sturdy. My only complaint is that the box or the tube both don't have a little indication of the colour, only the label so if you had lots of them, you would have to open each up to look at the colour.
The lipstick is called Heather and it's a deep natural pink colour. I liked the little LE on the tip! The photo is poor quality because I took it on my phone - I couldn't wait to use it!
The colour applies quite sheer and gives a lovely natural colour. This has been my go-to work lipstick of the fortnight. It's hydrating and lasts until I eat! I am really impressed with the lipstick and will definitely be interested in trying some others in the range.


 If you're interested in the Liz Earle makeup range, I have also reviewed:


22 Sep 2012

London Fashion Weekend Opening Show with Tulisa!

On Thursday I was lucky enough to go to London's Fashion Weekend opening day. My best friend won us tickets with Vodafone (she's a great best friend)

We had tickets for the discount shopping, VIP fashion show and a goodie bag

What to wear to a fashion event was a huge dilemma! I settled on this outfit as I heard gothic looks were in, and there were lots of girls wearing leather skirts, shorts and leggings. I'm sooooo glad I didn't wear heels though because the shopping area was huge.

Leather miniskirt - vintage
Leopard loafers - Primark
Cape - New Look
Clip on Earrings - Jon Richard at Debenhams
We got some goodie bags which had little bits like a bottle of coke, small moisturiser, pair of knickers (!), mirror and other items. It was also designed by Mulberry!

The catwalk show started at 8pm and it was RAMMED! There was a great atmosphere, although I did get upset when a security guy tried to split Sarah and I up!
Then Tulisa came on and sang a set. She said she had tonsilitis but she was fantastic! I was doubtful before I went along but she can really belt them out. I loved her dress, but not so much what the backing singers were dressed in. To find out more about her dress and set, I think this news article sums it up well!
The fashion show
Here are some of the looks I was most interested in for A/W 2012

Navy - there was lots of navy blue and deep purple rather than black for dresses which made a refreshing change. Lots of either very sleek or very over-exaggerated shapes also.

Wools! I love a woolen coat and there were lots of them, and wool trousers too. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some herringbone wool trousers now.

Prints - I loved this mad 70s print dress

Gothic - there were lots of brocade patterns and gothic looks in the show, including on the back of tights.

Volume - I loved the volumous dresses and puffball skirts, with layers of sheer and different textures, also feeding into the gothic look


21 Sep 2012

Charity Bingo Experience

Last month I was asked if I wanted toplay bingofor charity. Of course I said yes and selected the fab Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Servicewhich is a local, very worthy charity near me.

It was incrediby girly with the bingo calls being related to fashion, shoes and wine! and there was a small community of people chatting which was quite fun to get involved in. There were lots of "rooms" with different games in and cheap tickets from free, to 5p to £2 so lots of variety!

What I hadn't realised about online bingo was that you don't have to click the numbers as they are called out - I was feeling very anxious at first that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the calls, but they select themselves which means the whole process is really easy. This also means that you can buy LOADS of tickets and have a higher chance of winning! I played for an hour or so overall over a few weekends and overall won £15! Some people were winning loads too which was quite impressive (like £30 per game for the cheaper games I went for). I was hoping to win big for PARCS but sadly I didn't manage!

Have you ever played online bingo? It's definitely an experience you have to try!

19 Sep 2012

Crimes of Fashion!

Browsing ASOS for a winter coat (it's got cold recently hasn't it!) I saw some amazing fashion crimes.

These jeans are terrible - they are the wrong length and cut and just look like you're wearing your trousers from when you were a kid in the 90s! They're £49!

This is a dress and not a nighty, and it's also £60 and shockingly bad. Even the model looks like she's thinking "REALLY?!"

River Island Giveaway Winner

The winner of the River Island giveaway is...

Gem from Gem Siren Beauty!

Congratulations Gem! I'm pleased to have discovered your amazing blog also!

14 Sep 2012

French Connection and Sure Giveaway!

Another giveaway? Why yes! For the next 2 weeks I'm giving away a £50 French Connection voucher and a year's supply of Sure Women Linen dry!

They are also giving away an outfit from the French Connection latest collection every day with a Sure Woman promotional code

The rules
- You must be in the UK
- Only open to Lauren Loves followers - so hit follow! (you can follow with your google or twitter account)
-Comment below with your email address and leave a little comment :-)
- If you have twitter, follow and tweet about the giveaway for an extra entry @laurenlovesblog and come find me on facebook if you like
- You have 2 weeks to enter - it closes at 11.59 on 28th September
Good luck!

10 Sep 2012

Leopard loafers!

Just a quick post today! I've been such a bad blogger... I just wanted to show you my gorgeous new leopard loafers which were an amazing £6 from Primark and are perfect to jazz up a plain work outfit! Is my leopard obsession going too far?!


5 Sep 2012

Motel Discount Code!

I've been sent a £10 Motel Rocks voucher so I thought I'd share it with you


1 Sep 2012

River Island Giveaway!

Happy weekend! The lovely team at River Island have offered Lauren Loves readers a giveaway!
As you might have seen in my previous post, River Island has their A/W collection out soon and they're offering a £50 gift card for you to spend on anything in store

Here's some gorgeous items, I especially love the RI jeggings!


The rules

- You must be in the UK
- Only open to Lauren Loves followers - so hit follow! (you can follow with your google or twitter account)
-Comment below with your email address and leave a little comment :-)
- If you have twitter, follow and tweet about the giveaway for an extra entry @laurenlovesblog and come find me on facebook if you like
- You have 2 weeks to enter - it closes at 11.59 on 15th September
Good luck!
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