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10 Aug 2012

2 week no makeup challenge for better skin

My skin was awful 2 weeks ago, I was spotty and a complete mess. Therefore I followed a challenge to have clean skin for 2 weeks and to look after it in the hope it would clear. Here's my diary:

Why 2 weeks? I heard that it takes 2 weeks from a bacteria getting in to a spot developing, so hopefully my skin should detox in 2 weeks!
So what are the rules of this challenge?

For the next 2 weeks I will be following these rules:

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning and before bed. Really look after your skin and you'll quickly notice the difference.

2. Exfoliate twice a week, apply a deep cleansing mask once a week and use a spot cream on problem areas.

3. Don't wear foundation for the whole 2 weeks. This is the hardest part but letting your skin detox and breathe for the whole 2 weeks is really important. You can still wear all your normal make-up and wear under-eye concealer and a bit of concealer on your spots, but no blusher, bronzer, powder or foundation to clog up your skin.

4. Wash all your makeup brushes!

5. Wash your hair up-side down with the shower head if you can. Shampoo, conditioner and hair products are full of chemicals which can do allsorts to your skin. If you can, washing your hair up-side down so the shampoo doesn't go on your face is REALLY helpful. I noticed a difference really quickly. You know if you have a slight shampoo/conditioner allergy if you get bumpy spots around your hairline, forehead and temples/jawline - the places that the water runs down.

6. Drink lots of water. Everyone knows this is good for your skin.

Day 1:

Here's how I look. Pretty rough, my skin is dull and I'm spotty. I'm also in a lot of pain as I have lots of under the skin spots

Days 1 - 3:
I'm going to work without makeup on and feeling very self conscious. All I'm wearing is eyeliner and mascara, and I feel horrible. there are lots of parties at work for the Olympics this week and people are taking photos of me. I'm asking them all to photoshop the pictures because I feel horrible. This had better be worth it.

Day 4:
I had a Dermalogica facial today to try and kickstart the healing. It was lovely - I had a facemask and some intense exfoliation and then was given a load of samples.

Days 5 - 7:
The facial seems to have worked, the under the skin spots are going away or coming out (yuck) and there are no new active spots just healing old ones.


Days 8 - 12:
I'm getting used to not wearing makeup and sometimes I feel I look better without it all orange and smeared around my face! I'm not sure what's going on because I'm feeling like my confident old self again and that's not right considering how my skin is!

Days 12 - 14:
Managed to go to a big meeting and not once think about my spots. I am worrying about shine so now applying a pressed powder at lunch when my shine control lotion has given up. I will definitely be booking another facial soon because it was fab! My skin is so much clearer!

Here's a collage! Click them for larger images


The verdict - I think I might carry on! I'll wear makeup for special occasions but otherwise for day to day I'm going to try not wearing makeup every day. I've noticed a huge improvement in just 2 weeks making all the embarrassment worth it (in my opinion).

Let me know if you do a 2 weeks to better skin challenge.


  1. think i might try this, haven't been wearing make up all the time but i really haven't been looking after myself, especially my skin. wore make up today though. new week, new regime. :)

  2. Your skin looks amazing. I used to have frequent no make-up days but since starting work I wear make-up every single day which I know is bad for my skin. I think I'm going to start doing no make-up on a Sunday, not sure I could commit to 2 weeks but I should be able to manage without make-up for one day each week! x

  3. I think i'm going to give this a try just to get back on top of my skins condition again! I always try to but never go through with it so fingers crossed i manage to this time!! :) xxx

  4. I find that as long as I cleanse, tone and moisturise every day my skin behaves itself, as well as keeping up the water consumption. Though I only tend to wear foundation when I can be bothered or feel particularly blotchy, all effort goes into the eyes haha. The difference it's made to your skin is fantastic though, it looks like it has more of a natural glow to it. :)

  5. Woah this is amazing, the difference is unbelievable! x

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