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26 Aug 2012

Liz Earle Healthy Glow Powder Blush & Liz Earle Natural Glow Bronzer...

Excitingly, I'm a guest blogger on Frills n Spills today!

Check it out on Maria's blog here or here it is below...

I love Liz Earle skincare, it’s perfect for my super-sensitive skin, so like most other bloggers I was so excited to hear they have a new makeup range. Here are my reviews of two products, the Healthy Glow Powder Blush and the Natural Glow Bronzer.

Liz Earle Healthy Glow Powder Blush


The colour I am reviewing is called Peony and it’s a lovely raspberry pink which is great for darker skin tones, but I think it looks lovely on pale skin tones too, a great all-rounder.

The packaging is very sleek and minimalist, a deep blue compact which has subtle glitter in, and the top features a small mirror which is handy for if you’re travelling and haven’t got anything to look in.

The powder is super-soft and very finely milled

Top stripe – applied with blusher brush, Bottom stripe – applied with finger
And gives huge colour payoff

This means the colour is very strong if it isn’t carefully applied, but once you get used to it, it gives a lovely healthy flush and is easily spread out. Overall, although I am a high-street make-up lover and wouldn’t normally dream of paying £16.50 for a blusher, I admit that I don’t want to give this blusher up!

Product – 8.5/10. Score could be improved if the price was cheaper!

Liz Earle Natural Glow Bronzer

Being the pale person I am, in the summer I love bronzer! However I really hate those ones with flecks of glitter in, you know the ones that make you look like some sort of crazed disco chick who got lost in an office. Another draw-back of the ones without glitter in though are that they can leave your skin looking “muddy” and dirty (not sure why...) so I tend to use Benefit’s Hoola

This bronzer by Liz Earle is a very fine pressed powder which doesn’t look very dark compared to many other bronzers but don’t let that deceive you.

Again, the compact is a sleek blue sheen with a mirror. It’s bigger than the blusher and perfect for popping in your handbag for after work touch-ups. Actually, it would probably be quite hard to tell your products apart if you owned lots of Liz Earle makeup!

The powder is again a lovely texture but spreads very well. The colour payoff is very pale however, but is easily built up.

You can’t see it spread out ,but you can barely see a line created with my finger at the bottom. However with a build up and a good kabuki brush it gives a lovely colour!

Bronzer applied to right hand side of the photo

You can see it gives a lovely natural colour, but this is about 4 layers to demonstrate the colour! It’s perfect for very pale girls or people who want a subtle wash of colour. I absolutely love it, I don’t look muddy or dirty, but have a healthy “week in Spain” glow. It’s brilliant for sensitive skinned girls like me who don’t want to put fake tan on their faces in case we get spots! The bronzer is cheaper than Benefit Hoola at £19.50 and I would definitely purchase this again. It’s potentially a pale girl’s perfect bronzer!

Rating – 9.5/10 – I don’t feel I could give a 10, because one day there might be something better... but until then this is amazing!
Check out the amazing Frills n Spills today!

25 Aug 2012

Outfit post: Backless dress and scoliosis scars OOTD

On Friday night, I went out to the Southampton Pitcher and Piano for a leaving do. There are strange emotions at leaving do's - sadness the person is leaving, reminiscing of when people worked together and also happiness they are going on to bigger and better things. You also learn a lot about colleagues and bosses when they've had too much champagne!
I bravely wore this backless dress from ASOS
I say bravely, because I have a huge scar from where I had spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis (read my Scoliosis story here). Click the photo if you want a bigger version
I went out with the gorgeous Becky from byBecky who wore a lovely skin tight floral dress and looked stunning. Sadly all photos of us from the night are un-postable!

For a tutorial on how to do my beehive style hair do, check out my "how to do a simple beehive" post

24 Aug 2012

River Island sneak peek at River Island A/W Collection

Check out this video for the new River Island Autumn/Winter collection; it's behind the scenes of the photo shoot. I am loving the knitwear, leopard prints and dresses!

The collection isn't out yet, but River Island have offered me a giveaway so you can have vouchers ready for the collection when it arrives so keep your eyes peeled for the giveaway coming very soon.


20 Aug 2012

Revew: HND 3D nail wraps

We all know nail wraps are "The big thing" with loads of celebrities endorsing their own so I thought I'd try some from HND. These are 3D wraps in "A girl's best friend" and "Summer nights"

Unlike Minx and some other wraps, you don't have to use heat to apply them, they just stick on like... stickers!

You just stick them on, use a hoof stick to make sure they're stick down, and then use a nail file to file them vertically and take the ends off. They're really easy to apply.

They give a great impact, but haven't been the easiest to apply (you can see wrinkles). Also because my nails are short some of the pattern was cut up, so you can see on my thumb the glitter has fallen off and you can see my nail.

You remove them by soaking your fingernails in warm water, so I guess if you have a hot shower they will come off possibly. They are definitely a one day only thing, good for a night out but not as long lasting as Minx of course. (which I applied myself in this post)

I'm looking forwards to trying the other wraps, as I love the candy coloured diamond effect with clear parts so you could see a nailvarnish colour underneath.

19 Aug 2012

Review: Stargazer & AKA cosmetics

Stargazer makeup was the first piece of makeup I bought - a silver glitzy eyeshadow! I was sent these products last week to test from Stargazer and their new sister company AKA and here's my review.

To review:
Stargazer false eyelashes #16
Stargazer UV glitter shaker purple
AKA eye pencil in grey
AKA nailvarnish in silky claret
AKA lipstick in flirt

Stargazer false eyelashes
These were really easy to apply and didn't need cutting to fit my eyelids. The lashes are so natural looking and apply really nicely. My only complaint was that you had to cut the top off the eyelash glue and I like to re-use false eyelashes meaning I had to get a resealable glue. They're £4

Stargazer Glitter Shaker
The Stargazer glitter pot is beautiful! It's massive and full of lovely disco coloured glitter! To be honest I'm not sure what to do with it! I would like to stick it to my nails and eyelids and everywhere but need to find an occasion! It's £3 and I need some inspiration for using it if anyone can!

AKA are a new company, sister of Stargazer and have a fresh, more adult look.

AKA eye pencil in grey
This is a windy eye pencil (love windy ones) and it's a lovely deep grey with slight shimmer. It's creamy and applies really smoothly. It's £5.50 and a very unusual colour which I love

AKA nail polish in Silky Claret
I love the colour of this nailvarnish and it applies well giving good coverage after 2 coats. However I was a bit disappointed that it chipped after 24 hours when applied alone. It definitely needs a base coat and top coat but I love the between pink-purple shade. It's a perfect match for MAC Petals and Peacocks lipstick. £5

AKA lipstick in flirt
I really loooove this lipstick! It's the best product I tried. This lipstick is really long-lasting and gives a great colour which doesn't run. This colour is the perfect bright red for my pale skin tone to give a vintage look. £7.50

Overall, I love the AKA products and hope they come out in shops so I can try more. I'd definitely buy a lipstick from their range and they have a good selection of pinks and reds. The false eyelashes were amazing so I will go to New Look and try to find more


14 Aug 2012

Wedding Outfit!

I went to a lovely wedding at the weekend! I've not been to many entire wedding days so it was such a treat to be invited and I had a lovely time. The wedding was beautiful - at a church followed by a lovely golf club and it had a gorgeous beach theme.

I wore a dress from the French Connection Discount shop in Gunwarf, Portsmouth. It was reduced from £135 to £33 and it's a lovely printed silk. It's called the "Fast Beau Flur Digital Printed Floral Dress". If you're buying it online then be careful of sizing, I'm an 8 to 10 but this dress is massive and this one is a size 6 and easily could be smaller.

The gorgeous couple!

 Dancing with a friend

Dancing with the girls!

12 Aug 2012

Silly Sunday - Krispy Kreme Sunglasses!

As a lovely suprise, I was sent some Krispy Kreme sunglasses and some yummy Krispy Kremes. Something to do with the sugar made us very excited and a bit silly so this is a random Silly Sunday post!

I'm still playing with my new camera, enjoying taking photos of things which look interesting like this glittery donut

As soon as my brother James heard I had donuts he zoomed over, and immediately snapped up one of the pairs of sunnies (he's asked me to let you all know he's 21 years old and single if you want a lovely boyfriend in Hampshire)

When I was asked if I wanted Krispy Kreme sunglasses, this was what I was expecting...


11 Aug 2012

OOTD: Summery outfit

The sun came out!

I wore:
Top - Primark
Cut offs - Marks & Spencer
Shoes - Primark
Raybans - vintage

I love this sheer Primark shirt, the pattern on it is so light and summery!


The flowers inspired me to take photos of the flowers in my mum's garden. I got the Olympus PEN E-PL3 the other day so I'm playing with the settings

I love the blur background feature and the art settings. It's such a lovely camera!

10 Aug 2012

2 week no makeup challenge for better skin

My skin was awful 2 weeks ago, I was spotty and a complete mess. Therefore I followed a challenge to have clean skin for 2 weeks and to look after it in the hope it would clear. Here's my diary:

Why 2 weeks? I heard that it takes 2 weeks from a bacteria getting in to a spot developing, so hopefully my skin should detox in 2 weeks!
So what are the rules of this challenge?

For the next 2 weeks I will be following these rules:

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning and before bed. Really look after your skin and you'll quickly notice the difference.

2. Exfoliate twice a week, apply a deep cleansing mask once a week and use a spot cream on problem areas.

3. Don't wear foundation for the whole 2 weeks. This is the hardest part but letting your skin detox and breathe for the whole 2 weeks is really important. You can still wear all your normal make-up and wear under-eye concealer and a bit of concealer on your spots, but no blusher, bronzer, powder or foundation to clog up your skin.

4. Wash all your makeup brushes!

5. Wash your hair up-side down with the shower head if you can. Shampoo, conditioner and hair products are full of chemicals which can do allsorts to your skin. If you can, washing your hair up-side down so the shampoo doesn't go on your face is REALLY helpful. I noticed a difference really quickly. You know if you have a slight shampoo/conditioner allergy if you get bumpy spots around your hairline, forehead and temples/jawline - the places that the water runs down.

6. Drink lots of water. Everyone knows this is good for your skin.

Day 1:

Here's how I look. Pretty rough, my skin is dull and I'm spotty. I'm also in a lot of pain as I have lots of under the skin spots

Days 1 - 3:
I'm going to work without makeup on and feeling very self conscious. All I'm wearing is eyeliner and mascara, and I feel horrible. there are lots of parties at work for the Olympics this week and people are taking photos of me. I'm asking them all to photoshop the pictures because I feel horrible. This had better be worth it.

Day 4:
I had a Dermalogica facial today to try and kickstart the healing. It was lovely - I had a facemask and some intense exfoliation and then was given a load of samples.

Days 5 - 7:
The facial seems to have worked, the under the skin spots are going away or coming out (yuck) and there are no new active spots just healing old ones.


Days 8 - 12:
I'm getting used to not wearing makeup and sometimes I feel I look better without it all orange and smeared around my face! I'm not sure what's going on because I'm feeling like my confident old self again and that's not right considering how my skin is!

Days 12 - 14:
Managed to go to a big meeting and not once think about my spots. I am worrying about shine so now applying a pressed powder at lunch when my shine control lotion has given up. I will definitely be booking another facial soon because it was fab! My skin is so much clearer!

Here's a collage! Click them for larger images


The verdict - I think I might carry on! I'll wear makeup for special occasions but otherwise for day to day I'm going to try not wearing makeup every day. I've noticed a huge improvement in just 2 weeks making all the embarrassment worth it (in my opinion).

Let me know if you do a 2 weeks to better skin challenge.
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