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11 Jul 2012

Wednesday Wants: Birthday Edition

It's my birthday a week today!!! I'm excited, mainly because I'll have a couple of days off work for baking and sleeping.

I'm going to make a Brooklyn Blackout cake from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook

In my wildest dreams, I have a huge birthday wish list which would include I'd like a Clinique Chubby Stick or the new Revlon version

Some animal print loafers - £39.99 from Clarkes

A Links of London bracelet - £95
The Liz Earle basics

Large moth necklace - £17.50 from ECB Designs

This ASOS cape

I think this is it for now! I love want lists, it's like being a kid at Christmas again!



  1. oooooh, you should defo get the Liz Earle. Been a big fan for a while now. Awesome customer service and feels luxurious without the wallet snatching prices! (new reader here by the way! hello!)

  2. Love the Brooklyn Blackout cake! A chocolate filling to die for!

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