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19 Jul 2012

Review: Eylure Semi-Permanent Individual Lashes

Last weekend I got some Eylure Individual Lashes on offer at Tesco for £3 and as they said they're semi-permanent, I thought it would be fun to try them

The lashes come in three sizes, short, medium and long so you can have a more natural look. You put the short ones near the corner of the eyes where they meet the nose, middle in the middle and long at the edges.

The kit comes with glue and remover too

So here's my natural eye without any mascara or lashes

You start on the inside where the short lashes go, dab the ends of the lashes in glue and then rub them up and down against your own eyelashes but not touching the skin so the glue bonds with your natural eyelashes.

They were really easy to apply, and it only took me about half an hour to do both eyes. The effect was very dramatic!

They did look quite natural and not very "Only Way is Essex" so I felt comfortable wearing them to the pub on Friday night.

However the next morning...

My eyelashes almost all fell out onto the pillow and hardly any remained. They had also started to tug on my eyelashes which began to hurt so I decided to remove them all. They actually all came out when I was washing my face so I didn't need to use the remover.

Overall - seeing as they only last one night, I'd prefer to use false eyelash strips rather than fiddle round with these individual ones. They had great impact and looked very natural and I would have been impressed if they'd lasted longer than this. Clearly they're not made for people like me who must rub their eyes in their sleep!  I'd give these a 3/10 - they are very nice and easy to apply but not semi-permanent at all and a waste of time if they don't last.


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