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2 Jul 2012

How to make your eyes look bigger using makeup

I have small, almond shaped eyes so have learnt lots of tricks to make my eyes look bigger. I thought I'd share what I'd picked up on the way.

You will need:

Pale eyeshadow in a skin colour, I've got a benefit one here but any will do
Liquid or gel eyeliner (optional)
Eyelash curlers
Skin coloured eye pencil - this one by Une is a great price and comes in a range of skin tones
Skin highlighter - this one is Liz Earle
Eye concealer - the Bourjois Healthy Mix one is fantastic
Lengthening mascara - I love L'Oreal false lash telescopic, see my review here
Eyebrow gel

Firstly, eyebrows are really important so make sure yours are plucked and looking great.I also use an eyebrow gel to hold them in place.

In this tutorial, I will be applying makeup to the left side of my face (the side without the fringe!) for comparison. Click any photo to make it bigger

Here's my eyes normally. I think they're little and almond shaped so try to open them up a bit!

1. Use a pale eyeshadow all over the eye lid to the brows and around the inside of the eyes by the nose 

 With                                Without

2. Use an under-eye concealer all under the eye and at the corner where the eyes and nose meet

 See the difference already!

3. Use an eye highligher like this Liz Earle one under the eyebrow and the corners of the eyes

 With                                Without

4. Use eyelash curlers! I like to heat mine up with a quick blast from the hairdryer and curl in three different places, the base, middle and ends 

 With                       Without
Again it makes a big difference

5. Skin-coloured eyeliner! Skin coloured eyeliner is a miracle product for us small-eyed people! I use a small line above my eyelids and then rub it in, and then lots on the waterline under my eyes

 With                                   Without

6. Finally... MASCARA! I use lashings of a lenghtening mascara. When you apply it, look down into a mirror to get as much root lift as possible. I also use mascara on my bottom lashes but some people find this makes their eyes look smaller so just try it out and see what works for you.

 With                                 without

And that's it. If you want a natural look these are my top tips for bigger eyes. Dark eyeshadows and kohl eyeliners make eyes smaller so I'd advise against them.

If you want to wear liquid eyeliner, it can add impact and makes eyes stand out more. Apply a line which gets thicker towards the outside of your eyes and flick it out to make eyes stand out.

The end! Let me know if you try out any of these tricks or if you have any good tips for bigger eyes!


  1. Loved this post! It's so funny how much of a difference little things make and how lopsided do your eyes look at the end?! Amazing!


  2. Great tips, its amazing what a difference a bit of make-up makes although your finished look is still really natural. I use Benefit's Eye Bright on my lower lashline and inner corners to make my eyes look bigger and brighter. x


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