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23 Jul 2012

Guest Post: Beautification & Your Eyes

It seems that more and more these days, the eyes are a focal point of fashion and beauty. There are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of ways that women seek to beautify themselves, some through fashion, some through makeup, and some through physical efforts. Any one of these ways might be a particular focus for a given woman on a given day or night. However, in terms of overall trends, the eyes and the area directly around them seem to be more emphasized than ever these days. Perhaps it is because technology has led to more and more photographs being taken of everyone, all the time, and the eyes command the attention in most photos. Whatever the case, there is no denying the trend.

In many ways, this is a wonderful thing for people particularly concerned with fashion and beauty, because the eyes are often some of the most naturally beautiful features on a person’s body. Brown, blue, green, or something in between, all eyes are pretty when viewed up close, and that means that instead of working on making something attractive when it might not be naturally, all you have to do is emphasize existing beauty! And, of course, there are many different ways to do this. Here are a few ideas for how to emphasize your eyes:

• Don’t just wear eyeliner in general, but figure out the right shade to wear. Brightly coloured eyes (greens and blues) show off very well with dark black eyeliner, and the combination can result in a stunning appearance. On the other hand, darker brown eyes may do better with a less conventional shade of eyeliner, such as blue.
• Lengthening your eyelashes is one of the very best ways to draw attention to your eyes. While some do this as a means of bringing the focus to the area around their eyes in general, and to balance out facial appearance, noticeable eyelashes also provide something of a border for the eyes. Essentially, there is a framing effect that makes the colour and beauty of your eyes show brightly and noticeably.
• For a slightly less conventional way of emphasizing your eye beauty, you may even want to look into contact lenses. While the primary goal of most contacts is of course to improve your vision, you may want to consider something like Acuvue Define contacts, which are designed not to alter the colour of your eyes, but to help your eyes to show more clearly as they are. These lenses define and emphasize your existing features to make your eyes’ natural beauty even more noticeable, and can be a great addition to a beautification effort.

Guest post by Amber Scott

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  1. This post is SO true. When it comes to make up, my eyes is the main focul point. I did wear black eyeliner for an age however I am warming up to the idea of turquoise and brown eyeliner. xx


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