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1 Jul 2012

DIY Omble Maxi Skirt

Happy July guys! Just 18 days till my birthday!

Anyway I need your opinions please! I made this maxi-skirt with side split yesterday and dip dyed it, but the dip dye has come out less ombre and more "stripes". What do you think of it? Is it wearable or do you think I should just dye the whole thing pink and cover up my bad dye job?

Let me know your thoughts please! The tutorial I used was from Pair & a Spare and it should look like this



  1. Despite the fact that it hasn't turned out exactly as you wanted, I really like it. It's very pretty & the stripes actually work. Also, that top is lovely! x

  2. I do like it to be fair, and it's still ombre just more bolder.
    what I think has happened is the dye should have been more concentrated then you would of had a more subtle effect.


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