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29 Jul 2012

OOTD: Vintage denim dress

Another outfit post! I will get back to beauty blogging soon! On Saturday I wondered down to Jackrabbit - a vintage shop based in Gosport who I got to know at the Winchester Vintage Fair. They have just opened a new shop so I made my way there to check them out. They had a lovely room with loads of great finds including a designer coat! I was in love with a couple of pieces but after trying them on I decided I liked this 1970s denim dress

It was a bargain at £15 and looked really lovely for a relaxed BBQ I went to last night. I paired the dress with my peep toe flats that I revamped and dyed in this post, and some rough heart earrings from New Look for £3.99.

If you're from the Portsmouth or Southampon region, I really recommend going to Jackrabbit. As a lover of Beyond Retro when I lived in Brighton, I miss a good vintage shop but this small shop delivers great items.  Check out tje Jackrabbit facebook page  where the owner regularly posts pictures of their new items.

24 Jul 2012

OOTD: Classic wrap dress

I got this wrap dress from Next two weeks ago - it's the signature wrap dress and was £60, and it's already gone from the website!! I know next are popular but this is amazing! I'd never tried a wrap dress before but of course have heard that they are super-flattering and easy to wear so I got this. I didn't realise that wrap dresses fall strangely when you sit down so after a very embarrassing meeting where I had to keep my notepad on my lap to hide my thighs, I bought a cheap black slip from Primark and could wear it to work with confidence.

I went to my mum's last night for a BBQ and wore it straight from work.

I wore it with my Primark peep toes, Dorothy Perkins wrap necklace, Accessorize watch my best friend got me for my birthday and an art-deco fox ring another friend gave me

I also love this digging dog mum has in the garden!

As my first shop with Next I was really impressed, I got next day delivery as the cheapest option and it was really easy to shop online which I love. The only problem is there is so much choice!


23 Jul 2012

Guest Post: Beautification & Your Eyes

It seems that more and more these days, the eyes are a focal point of fashion and beauty. There are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of ways that women seek to beautify themselves, some through fashion, some through makeup, and some through physical efforts. Any one of these ways might be a particular focus for a given woman on a given day or night. However, in terms of overall trends, the eyes and the area directly around them seem to be more emphasized than ever these days. Perhaps it is because technology has led to more and more photographs being taken of everyone, all the time, and the eyes command the attention in most photos. Whatever the case, there is no denying the trend.

In many ways, this is a wonderful thing for people particularly concerned with fashion and beauty, because the eyes are often some of the most naturally beautiful features on a person’s body. Brown, blue, green, or something in between, all eyes are pretty when viewed up close, and that means that instead of working on making something attractive when it might not be naturally, all you have to do is emphasize existing beauty! And, of course, there are many different ways to do this. Here are a few ideas for how to emphasize your eyes:

• Don’t just wear eyeliner in general, but figure out the right shade to wear. Brightly coloured eyes (greens and blues) show off very well with dark black eyeliner, and the combination can result in a stunning appearance. On the other hand, darker brown eyes may do better with a less conventional shade of eyeliner, such as blue.
• Lengthening your eyelashes is one of the very best ways to draw attention to your eyes. While some do this as a means of bringing the focus to the area around their eyes in general, and to balance out facial appearance, noticeable eyelashes also provide something of a border for the eyes. Essentially, there is a framing effect that makes the colour and beauty of your eyes show brightly and noticeably.
• For a slightly less conventional way of emphasizing your eye beauty, you may even want to look into contact lenses. While the primary goal of most contacts is of course to improve your vision, you may want to consider something like Acuvue Define contacts, which are designed not to alter the colour of your eyes, but to help your eyes to show more clearly as they are. These lenses define and emphasize your existing features to make your eyes’ natural beauty even more noticeable, and can be a great addition to a beautification effort.

Guest post by Amber Scott

My birthday weekend

On Wednesday I turned 24 and celebrated by having a few days off work and having my girlfriends round for a lunch yesterday.

I made the dining room all girly with bunting I made a few weeks ago

 We had sandwiches, vegetable sticks, nachos and dips, strawberries and a Brooklyn Blackout cake I made from the Hummingbird Bakery book

But in the end we took advantage of the lovely weather and ate outdoors

Here's the cake close up. It's chocolate sponge, with layers of chocolate custard between and all over, and some cake crumbs on top to decorate. It was LOVELY!

Lucky I did up my garden on Friday. I got the table and chairs for my birthday from my parents and got the parasol in the sale at Homebase!

The garden still needs ripping out but it's a little nicer now. We'll get round to it one day.

22 Jul 2012

My lovely Filofax Songbird in Green

For my birthday, I got the lovely green Songbird Filofax in Personal size

It's a lovely sage colour, with little pink birdies and an elastic which fastens over a button

 Inside, I have photos, my blog business cards, a sparkly pen and the week to page appointments inserts because I find them really helpful for keeping up with my appointments!

I love that the tabs are pastel colour co-ordinated! Under each tab I have
   1. coloured notepaper for information to remember such as my router password!
   2. Finance tabs to keep track of my petrol costs
   3. To do list
   4. White paper for notes, patient notes and blogging ideas
   5. Card section for all the business cards I seem to accumulate
   6. The address book

Are you a filofax lover? I know I need mine to keep track of life!!

20 Jul 2012

Sponsored video: Boots 17 Blow Out Mascara

Have you heard 17 at Boots have released ANOTHER new mascara? It's called Blow Out with an oversized brush for volume and length. I'm a big fan of their Peep Show mascara so excited to try this - particularly as it comes in different colours other than black.

Mercedes has created a song for 17 called Tonight we're going Out out about getting ready to party - and it does get us in the party mood with its 90s vibes! I'm looking forwards to trying this mascara because I love length and volume and I love highstreet prices. Many of my favourite lengthening masaras are known to to not create much volume but do give a lot of length, so to get a mascara which gives some more volume to sparse lashes would be welcomed! Also it contains Argan oils which are moisturising and boost eyelash health and density potentially which is exciting.

Are you going out, out tonight? I might get this mascara at the weekend for a party I'm going to!


Sponsored post, but thought you'd be interested in the mascara too!


19 Jul 2012

Review: Eylure Semi-Permanent Individual Lashes

Last weekend I got some Eylure Individual Lashes on offer at Tesco for £3 and as they said they're semi-permanent, I thought it would be fun to try them

The lashes come in three sizes, short, medium and long so you can have a more natural look. You put the short ones near the corner of the eyes where they meet the nose, middle in the middle and long at the edges.

The kit comes with glue and remover too

So here's my natural eye without any mascara or lashes

You start on the inside where the short lashes go, dab the ends of the lashes in glue and then rub them up and down against your own eyelashes but not touching the skin so the glue bonds with your natural eyelashes.

They were really easy to apply, and it only took me about half an hour to do both eyes. The effect was very dramatic!

They did look quite natural and not very "Only Way is Essex" so I felt comfortable wearing them to the pub on Friday night.

However the next morning...

My eyelashes almost all fell out onto the pillow and hardly any remained. They had also started to tug on my eyelashes which began to hurt so I decided to remove them all. They actually all came out when I was washing my face so I didn't need to use the remover.

Overall - seeing as they only last one night, I'd prefer to use false eyelash strips rather than fiddle round with these individual ones. They had great impact and looked very natural and I would have been impressed if they'd lasted longer than this. Clearly they're not made for people like me who must rub their eyes in their sleep!  I'd give these a 3/10 - they are very nice and easy to apply but not semi-permanent at all and a waste of time if they don't last.


18 Jul 2012

It's my birthday!

Hi everyone!
Short post today but it's my birthday! I'm having the rest of the week off work to relax and hang out with my family. Here's me and my cat today, Button is wearing a birthday hat!

And cutey Squidgy, ByBecky's cat sent me a greeting on Twitter!

Isn't she a good little poser. Not like Button!


17 Jul 2012

Olympic Torch and outfit

On Sunday the Olympic Torch went through my town so I went out to wave!

It was originally cold so I wore my Warehouse coat, Urban Outfitters satchel, skull print scarf and took a hot chocolate!

But then the sun came out!

We had Pimms and flags which got us in the spirit!

And then the lady came down with the torch - there were loads of people lining the street which was brilliant!

and then we came inside for cream teas! Yum! Look at that range of jams!!!

A lovely day had by all! Did you see the torch?

16 Jul 2012

Weekend Haul!

I love shopping! I went out with my mummy at the weekend and I bought...

Eylure semi-permanent individual lashes - review coming soon

This gorgeous tie shirt from Primark

A denim miniskirt from the Urban Outfitters sale reduced from around £50 to £10

A hair tie from Primark

Nailvarnish for £1 from the Tesco All About Nails range

The bareMinerals Get Started kit in light from FeelUnique. I'll review this when I've given it a fair try.

This lovely red satchel from the Urban Outfitters sale reduced from £48 to £25. I love it! Comes in tan too

15 Jul 2012

Little update

I'm afraid I've been a terrible blogger this week! I've had no time at all to take any photos or write anything! Anyway to let you know I'm still working on it and over the next few weeks expect

- An outfit post about my gorgeous Next dress
- A post about the Olympic torch going through my area (that's today!)
- A review of Eylure Semi-Permanent individual eyelashes
- A haul post of what I bought yesterday
- My birthday (on Wendesday!)

Any requests? Posts that people want to see?


11 Jul 2012

Wednesday Wants: Birthday Edition

It's my birthday a week today!!! I'm excited, mainly because I'll have a couple of days off work for baking and sleeping.

I'm going to make a Brooklyn Blackout cake from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook

In my wildest dreams, I have a huge birthday wish list which would include I'd like a Clinique Chubby Stick or the new Revlon version

Some animal print loafers - £39.99 from Clarkes

A Links of London bracelet - £95
The Liz Earle basics

Large moth necklace - £17.50 from ECB Designs

This ASOS cape

I think this is it for now! I love want lists, it's like being a kid at Christmas again!

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