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15 Jun 2012

Revamping my old suede shoes

For the past 2 summers, my purple peep toe flats from New Look haven't left my feet, and although they're holding up strong, they had faded

My poor, old, well-loved, fading flatties!

I got the Dylon suede dye in navy from Timpsons for £4.99. It comes with  bottle of liquid dye and a paint brush to apply.

To set up, you have to stuff the shoes with newspaper, pour the dye into a bowl and put them all on a surface (I used a plastic tray with paper over the top.

You then paint the dye over the shoes, working the dye in well with the brush and then leave to dry overnight

The next day, use a suede brush over the shoes to loosen up the pile a bit

and here's the results in the sunlight...

Fresh looking, purply-navy shoes!! And now I don't have to buy any navy shoes to go with my navy dresses/outfits!

Remember - the original shoe colour will influence the colour the shoes end up, and you can't made darker shoes go lighter.


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