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28 Jun 2012

How to do a simple beehive

I am by no means a hairdresser, but I love experimenting with my hair and created this simple beehive for a vintage look. After Schez requested, I thought I'd write a how I achieved it post. I'd say this style can work on any hair length between shoulder length to waist length. I have very long hair but it could work easily on long bobs.

 Firsly, you will need a tail comb and some kirby grips. I also recommend a thickening powder such as Got2b Powderful

Step 1. Bush your hair through so there are no knots. If your hair is a day unwashed this also helps

Step 2. Section off the front part of your hair from above your ears across your crown, pull this forwards and use a pin to hold it out the way

Step 3. Grab the rest of your hair into a low ponytail

Step 4. Twist the ponytail, pulling it up until you have twisted it tightly all the way to tne ends

Step 5. Fold the twist round on itself and tuck the ends under the big twist

Step 6. Pin this in place until it feels comfortable and secure. It doens't matter if it's messy, that adds to the texture and modern look. If you hair is long it'll be bulky like mine is but a beehive is bulky so that's ok!

Step 7. Unpin the front section and taking small sections at a time, add some thickening powder and back-comb your hair (remember to backcomb gently). Add as much volume as you like... I like lots!

Step 8. Pull back all the back-combed sections into a ponytail and check it's all smooth

Step 9. Roll the ends round your fingers so they are tucked under the back-combed section and pin in place

Check from the back, and your hair should look something like this

Add a hair band, sweep your fringe back or have your fringe in place. There you go, a simple beehive hair style.

If you like my hair tutorials, check out the YouTube videos I did on:



  1. First of all, let me tell you that you look sooo cute in the first picture. I really enjoy your tutorials, as they show how easy to make are some great hairstyles.
    Have a happy day :D

  2. Lauren, Thank you soooooooooooo much for taking the time to do this! I really appreciate the photo's as I am a "visual learner", I have something to practise! ;-)
    I will definitely be checking out your tutorials.


  3. I wish I was as adventurous with up styles as you! Will definitely be giving this a go :)

  4. been struggling for ages to do a beehive and i just managed to do it first time thanks to this guide! thanks for making it so straightforward :)


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