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22 Jun 2012

Friday Face and Outfit

Firstly, remember to enter my huge summer giveaway!

Secondly, I got a big bow hairband from Asda this week for £3.50. It's really gorgeous blue with birds on and it's very dramatic. I styled a 60s beehive look around it and thought I'd show you

Because the weather has been so horrendous, I'm wearing my Asda grey jumper dress, headband and Zoo silver hoop earrings

 My face...
 I used
- Bourjois Flower Perfection foundation (review here)
- L'Oreal gel eyeliner (review here)
- L'Oreal false lash telescopic mascara (review here)
- Lipstick - Vani-T mineral lipstick in nude (review here)
- 17 blush and glow blusher in peachy (review here)

Big bird bow! I did my hair in the retro style I did for the Winchester Vintage fair. The info on how to is here


  1. your headband is utterly darling! it may be a bit too precious for my typical aesthetic, but i really want one anyway! i think i could style it into my wardrobe.....


  2. Hi Lauren,

    Any tips for creating that lovely beehive style?!

    And I really likeyour make-up. It looks lovely and fresh. I'm a busy mum of two little boys so don't have any time for make up, but I really like this look adn would definately go for a similar look.

    PS, The headband is cute!


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