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28 Jun 2012

How to do a simple beehive

I am by no means a hairdresser, but I love experimenting with my hair and created this simple beehive for a vintage look. After Schez requested, I thought I'd write a how I achieved it post. I'd say this style can work on any hair length between shoulder length to waist length. I have very long hair but it could work easily on long bobs.

 Firsly, you will need a tail comb and some kirby grips. I also recommend a thickening powder such as Got2b Powderful

Step 1. Bush your hair through so there are no knots. If your hair is a day unwashed this also helps

Step 2. Section off the front part of your hair from above your ears across your crown, pull this forwards and use a pin to hold it out the way

Step 3. Grab the rest of your hair into a low ponytail

Step 4. Twist the ponytail, pulling it up until you have twisted it tightly all the way to tne ends

Step 5. Fold the twist round on itself and tuck the ends under the big twist

Step 6. Pin this in place until it feels comfortable and secure. It doens't matter if it's messy, that adds to the texture and modern look. If you hair is long it'll be bulky like mine is but a beehive is bulky so that's ok!

Step 7. Unpin the front section and taking small sections at a time, add some thickening powder and back-comb your hair (remember to backcomb gently). Add as much volume as you like... I like lots!

Step 8. Pull back all the back-combed sections into a ponytail and check it's all smooth

Step 9. Roll the ends round your fingers so they are tucked under the back-combed section and pin in place

Check from the back, and your hair should look something like this

Add a hair band, sweep your fringe back or have your fringe in place. There you go, a simple beehive hair style.

If you like my hair tutorials, check out the YouTube videos I did on:


27 Jun 2012

Outfit Post (OOTD) - Lace and Chinos

On Sunday evening I went out for dinner and to the Cinema (I saw Prometheus...) Here's what I wore

Lace crop top - ASOS
Sheer camisole - Vintage
Chinos - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Primark
Cat - Vintage

I'm looking forwards to wearing this cropped top over a bralet and some high waisted skirts over the summer, and over summer dresses.

26 Jun 2012

Review: Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark Fake Tan Mousse

I reviewed Lauren's Way original tan last year and really liked it, so was excited to try the new Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark self tanning mousse.

The product comes in nice packaging, plain and very girly. The pump is good and delivers tan like St Moriz. I used about 2-3 pumps for my arms.

The fake tan is VERY dark! When I first applied it, I tweeted that I looked like Jodie Marsh when she'd been wrestling and that isn't even a joke. I was incredibly dark.

After I washed off the indicator dye and scrubbed a bit because I was incredibly dark, this is the colour I came out (against my palm to show the colour difference)

 I look like I've spent 2 weeks in the sun! I've gone from my usual pasty self to looking very brown (for me!)


After (plus two showers, it was darker)
 Sun kissed!

Overall, this tan is fantastic for fake tan lovers. If you are experienced in fake tanning and want the effect of 3 applications of fake in one application then this is the tan for you. If you are not experienced though, any mistake will be very obvious. I would recommend it for people who have the time to wash it off, and want a dark hit overnight, but with my fair skin tones it was a bit too dark.

If you want to try it out, here's my guide to fake tanning without mistakes

Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark fake tan is £19.99 from Lauren's Website


23 Jun 2012

Outfit - Cropped Tops and High Waists

Trying out the crop tops and high waist look, I thought I'd pair my cropped Miss Selfridge jumper with a high-waist skirt from Primark (honestly in real life the skirt is the same colour as the purple stripe in the jumper!!

This skirt used to be a maxi-skirt but I made it into a midi skirt an hour before I went out (bit ambitious!) - see how it used to look here

I'm looking very tanned at the moment, I'll share the secret of how tomorrow with a proper review!

22 Jun 2012

Friday Face and Outfit

Firstly, remember to enter my huge summer giveaway!

Secondly, I got a big bow hairband from Asda this week for £3.50. It's really gorgeous blue with birds on and it's very dramatic. I styled a 60s beehive look around it and thought I'd show you

Because the weather has been so horrendous, I'm wearing my Asda grey jumper dress, headband and Zoo silver hoop earrings

 My face...
 I used
- Bourjois Flower Perfection foundation (review here)
- L'Oreal gel eyeliner (review here)
- L'Oreal false lash telescopic mascara (review here)
- Lipstick - Vani-T mineral lipstick in nude (review here)
- 17 blush and glow blusher in peachy (review here)

Big bird bow! I did my hair in the retro style I did for the Winchester Vintage fair. The info on how to is here

19 Jun 2012

My bedroom

I love personal posts so thought I'd show you my room. (click the image for a larger size)

I've used this photo to enter the Layezee Best of British Bedrooms who are running a competition which you can win £100 of Zara vouchers in!

The competition this week is for the most serene bedroom so I thought I'd enter my room into it. My room is grey, white and purple with silver details. I have styled it so it's very vintage boudoir, calming and most importantly minimalist! I made the roman blind myself in grey fabric from John Lewis, the bed is from Argos, and the bed sheets are all from TK Maxx. My lovely bedside lamps which have a pully as the on/off are from IKEA and the pine furnature is from Homebase. I have a huge wardrobe, two chests of drawers and two bedside cabinets.

Over the next few weeks there are lots of categories to win. This week until 22nd June is "Stylish Serenity" for Zara vouchers. Next week is "Geek's Paradise" for £100 of Firebox vouchers and the week after is "Shabby Chic" for £100 of iTunes vouchers! To get involved head over to the Layezee competition page here

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this post, I was inspired by the idea of entering and sharing my room with you

17 Jun 2012

Fortnight in pictures

I bought a chocolate fish!

I love Models Own Ibiza mix nailvarnish!

 I bought a gorgeous new Nica handbag satchel

I made a massive cake

Aussie sent the angels some goodies!

My Dad, uncle, brother and his best mate did the London to Brighton cycle race

I got new shoes from Primark


16 Jun 2012

New watch! Sekonda Party Time in blue

A couple of weeks ago I was sent the Sekonda Party Time watch by Find Watches.com. After talking to people on twitter, I chose the dark blue colour.

It arrived a few days later, packaged up safely.

I can't resist a bit of bling so got it on straight away

The bracelt is a jelly one with a buckle and lots of holes so it even fit my tiny wrist.

The watch face is nice and big so I can easily read it and the white hands are good to make it stand out.

It's great for all the blue outfits I've been wearing recently (excuse the terrible lighting at night)

 I'm wearing:
cable knit jumper from Ralph Lauren outlet in Gunwarf
trousers from Miss Selfridge
Shoes from Dorothy Perkins
Headband from Claire's Accessories.

Plus it comes in a lovely box so would make a great present

The other colours I was torn between were:


15 Jun 2012

Revamping my old suede shoes

For the past 2 summers, my purple peep toe flats from New Look haven't left my feet, and although they're holding up strong, they had faded

My poor, old, well-loved, fading flatties!

I got the Dylon suede dye in navy from Timpsons for £4.99. It comes with  bottle of liquid dye and a paint brush to apply.

To set up, you have to stuff the shoes with newspaper, pour the dye into a bowl and put them all on a surface (I used a plastic tray with paper over the top.

You then paint the dye over the shoes, working the dye in well with the brush and then leave to dry overnight

The next day, use a suede brush over the shoes to loosen up the pile a bit

and here's the results in the sunlight...

Fresh looking, purply-navy shoes!! And now I don't have to buy any navy shoes to go with my navy dresses/outfits!

Remember - the original shoe colour will influence the colour the shoes end up, and you can't made darker shoes go lighter.
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