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15 May 2012

Review: Liz Earle Colour Eyeliner and Light-Reflecting Concealer

Anyone who has followed my blog for more than 10 minutes will know I'm a die-hard Liz Earle fan. I praise them with saving my very sensitive skin so when I found out they were adding to the Colour collection which consisted of just a skin tint, I was very excited!

Then in the post came and I got the eyeliner pencil in golden bronze and the light reflecting concealer in fair.

Liz Earle Eye Pencil

First of all, the eye pencil comes in the Liz Earle colours that the skin tint did, with a glitter to it. It's nice packaging and does make you feel like you're getting something more expensive.

The colour I got was golden bronze which is a lovely mid-brown with some gold sparkle to it. The pencil is soft and transfers well so is a good kohl too and doesn't drag the skin

I found the colour really flattering and brought out my green eyes. I really liked it!

The pencils are £11 from Liz Earle online and for comparable prices, I'd say it lives up to the big brands. The colour lasted a long time and was very good quality. I'm impressed!

Liz Earle Light Reflecting Concealer

The light reflecting concealer comes in a shiny package, with a twist top and a brush applicator

 As you twist the top, the concealer starts to come out the brush for easy application

The formula is light, easily spread and very light-reflecting. It really adds radiance and makes the whole eye area more awake

looking shiney in the eye area!

here's a terrible comparison picture, with concealer on the left side and none on the right. As you can see it might be a thin formula but has powerful concealing properties! I look much more awake. I also applied it to the eyelid as a good base to the eyeliner.

The concealer is £15.50 from Liz Earle

I was also sent a clever swatch booklet. On one side it tells us all about the products

and on the other side are swatches of each colour and spaces to swatch your current products for colour comparison


Are you interested in the bigger Liz Earle colour collection? I'd love to try the powders definitely!



  1. http://beautiful-remains.blogspot.co.uk nowy post zapraszam :)

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  3. I have Green eyes and really hate wearing make up - This is a such a complimenting colour for your eyes :) I am going to try it on mine!

  4. I have eyes and really hate wearing make up - This is a such a complimenting colour for your eyes :) I am going to try it on mine!

  5. The concealer looks great since I have extremely dark circles but I can't find it online in US... =/

  6. I think I am going to try the light reflecting concealer. Thankyou!:DX


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