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28 May 2012

My week in photos

It's been a busy week this week!

On Sunday I did some gardening with the cat (she's good at digging) and came across this hairy caterpillar. Any idea what he is?

I made a birthday cake for my little brother's 21st which everyone loved!

I want these seagull statues but I'm not sure why...

My mum gave me a shower cap and I just realised it has horns! Here's me looking devilish

I made my first ever Yorkshire puddings and they were massive!!! I was so impressed I had to take a picture through "oven tv"

Finally today as went out for my brothers birthday to my Nan's. I met my gorgeous cousin Sammy who we haven't seen for about 15 years so cue the tears! It was so lovely!

Finally my nan dug a photo out of me when I was a baby. I loved chocolate cake even then!


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