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29 May 2012

My Summer Makeup Routine

As much as I love being pale and interesting, I love red lipstick and winged black eyeliner; it can be a bit much in the summer when I want light makeup and golden shades. I thought I'd run you through my summer makeup routine

I use the following products
- 17 BB Cream (review here)
- Liz Earle under eye concealer (review here)
- Marks and Spencer eyebrow gel (I hate how it goes the colour of your foundation!)
- 17 Peep Show Mascara
- Liz Earle eye pencil in bronze (review here)
- Ultra Glow Bronzer (best ever!)
- MAC Chatterbox lipstick

First of all, here's my face without any product

First I put on the BB cream and concealer all over. The BB cream is darker than my skin tone which gives it a good tint

 After step one...

Then I use Ultra Glow bronzer. I first tried this round a friend's house - she always looks tanned and gorgeous and she enthusiastically showed me her secret which is Ultra Glow! It adapts to your skin and "warms up" which means you don't end up with muddy face like many other bronzers and it gives you a really natural glow. LOVE IT!

Here's with the bronzer

Then I use a lash lengthening mascara, neaten my eyebrows and use a bronze pencil. This one by Liz Earle is great for bringing out green eyes

And then I use MAC Chatterbox lipstick

 A lovely, fresh cotton-candy colour!

And that's the finished look!

from pale to summery! (click to enlarge)



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  2. I like MAC lipstick, bronzer is new form me but I like it this color.
    I following Y blog

  3. Such a pretty look! I need to revamp my makeup for summer too xx


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