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26 May 2012

BB Cream Review: 17

Earlier in the week I reviewed Garnier's BB Cream as part of a proposed review series.

Today's review is on the Boots 17 Blemish Balm, it boasts

- full coverage
- Shine control
- hydrating
- SPF 15 

The product comes in a box and inside is a black, understated tube

The formula is a liquidy cream which makes it easy to spread. The colour I have is medium which is too dark for my skin but I thought I'd show you the application.

Here's my face without

and here's my face with!

As you can see it's very orange on me but it's spread more evenly than the Garnier one and I felt lasted a lot longer on my skin because it controls the shine. It's also good at covering imperfections as you can see from my VERY BRAVE photo of make-up free skin!

I think if I had the light colour this would be a really great option for a natural daytime look and I've been very impressed with this one.

Overall - 8.5/10 which is a point more than the Garnier one. It isn't very long lasting so will need powder touch-ups, but it's easier to apply than the Garnier one and it's less shiny. It's £6.99 from Boots


  1. I adore this BB cream but like you find it a touch too dark on me. I find it works really well under a lighter mineral powder foundation, it makes the colour match more and helps it last a bit longer on me x

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  3. Hey thanks for the review. I was wanting to get this bb cream but wasn't sure in case it wasn't good but it seems good now so I might give it a go. x



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